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Monday, March 3, 2008


At first, I wasn't going to write a disclaimer considering it's my blog, but I would like to clarify the purpose of The Fly Girl Guide.This blog to me is mixture of material, I like to read and advice that I give to others as well as myself. I've always been a writer and a magazine junkie so I'm trying to create, The Fly Girl Guide into an online magazine.
I will state that when I refer to my friend, it does not literally mean my friends from way back or any person that you think I might be talking about. When I refer to my friends in my writing, my friend maybe an associate or someone I ran into, yet if you feel my blog is talking about you, then maybe it is, or maybe there’s so many females that can relate to my articles that you think I'm talking about you. Stop being so vain! LOL
I do not claim to know everything, I really don't know much about anything, I'm still growing and learning everyday. But my friends always do come to me for advice, and they tell me I'm a good listener (don’t ask my boyfriend because he will tell you otherwise!) and I just may have some wise words.

Ultimately, as I grow and learn, I’m taking notes and writing everything down which has become my blog. Let me officially welcome you to the Fly Girl Guide.


With Love,
Your fellow Fly Girl Carla

OK, that's an ad for wearing your seat belt, but I thought it was funny- is that bad? I mean even the flyest girl can land on her face while she's wearing Jimmy Choos! LOL Buckle Up! It's the law!

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