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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fly Fashion: The House of Muses

The House of Muses houses some of the most unique handbags and clutches.

This fun clutch is for the days you need to remind yourself that you’re some sort of Epic Grandeur. The other side shows you’re living life.

Check out The House of Muses.

Flashback Fridays: R. Kelly & The Public Announcement’s ‘Slow Dance’

It’s the end of the week and sometimes you just have to slow it down. This is the R. Kelly, I loved, before the whole peeing on girls indicident, he ruled the 90s. Does anyone slow dance anymore? Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fly Fashions: Married to the Mob Summer 2009

Married to the Mob’s clothing is not for the timid. It’s for the fly girls who like to wear crass/witty sayings across their chest.

Here’s a look at Married to the Mob’s summer 2009 lookbook featuring loud tees, playful rompers, colored jeans and cut out swimsuits all shot in a country setting by David ’Shadi’ Perez.

Feels very childlike in a grownup way, more at

Fly Music: EXCLUSIVE: The Ear Candy Chronicles Vol 1 LIMITED DOWNLOADS

Here’s some brand new flavor for your ear.

If you’ve never heard of Gypsy Soul then you are missing out. Gypsy Soul is the premiere multifaceted company that specializes in promotions, media services and event management. What sets Gypsy Soul apart from other companies is their clear mission to build the connections between the artist and the audience through events and activities that create a personal experience for all involved. Gypsy Soul focuses on neo-soul, funk, and real artistry.

Every month Gypsy Soul presents Ear Candy, a listening party in the DMV with a simplistically sultry atmosphere that encourages the digestion of good music, good food and good conversation. Ear Candy allows fans to experience rare moments as they get to know the artists they love while introducing new comers to artists you're sure to fall in love with.

Today, Gypsy Soul releases The Ear Candy Chronicles Vol. 1 Mixtape, an extension of this fresh take on listening parties. The Ear Candy Chronicles Vol. 1 Mixtape mixed by the talented DJ Phaze, the blend is smooth and satisfying as your ears take it in. Artists include, Yahzarah, Darien, Chester Gregory, Johnny Popcorn, Kimberly Nichole, Lydia Caesar, JAZZY, Curt Chambers, and W. Ellington Felton and more.

If you’re sick of listening to mediocre lyrics, and artists who sing about their bling or their maybach when they’re renting both, download The Ear Candy Chronicles! Only 50 downloads available.

The Ear Candy Chronicles Volume 1

"Ear Candy is Sweetness Made Soul
Rebelliously Beautiful "

For more information about Gypsy Soul and to learn of the next Ear Candy event click here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fly Music: Electrik Red's 'How To Be A Lady Volume 1'

Remember Prince’s girl group, Vanity 6? Electrik Red might just be the 2009 version of them. Not the best vocals but combine, flair, funk, sex appeal and raunchiness, you have Electrik Red.

In a male dominated industry, where men boast of ass and titties, how many bad women they laid, sometimes the female power is strained. Not with Electrik Red, they remind you that the power is in the p-u-s-s-y. Electrik Red’s members Naomi Allen, Lesley Lewis, Kyndra ‘Binkie’ Reevey, and Sarah Rosete offer sassy, in your face attitude over layered composition, in their debut album, How To Be A Lady, Volume 1. The-Dream and his partner, Tricky Stewart, wrote and produced the entire album, which means eccentric beats and catchy melodies.

Lady is filled with likable hooks, 808s, and opinionated lyrics that explain exactly how to sex a man, how a man should treat a woman, and that “W.F.Y.” The album starts with the confident, “Muah” continues with their Lil’ Wayne featured track, “So Good” and switches gears to the slow, “Devotion” and “Freaky Friday.” In “P is for Power” the quartet, sings that you’re not getting no “P, unless your buying, or Jay or Wayne” and Binkie raps that her “P” is better than what you’re used to.

In this pop/R&B, girl power, debut album, Electrik Red is a sexy treat for the summer. Though they sing about being more of freak in the bed and less of a lady in the streets, there is no confusion that their debut is Electrick.

Electrick Red's debut hit stores today!

Track listing for How To Be A Lady, Volume 1

"So Good"
"Freaky Freaky"
"Bed Rest
"P is for Power"
"9 To 5"
"On Point"
"Drink in my Cup"
"Go Shawty"
"Kill Bill"

Check out, the "W.F.Y." remix with Luda. Haha, I agree with the song, don't be confused boys, "W.F.Y."

Fly Fashions: Zulu Rose

Sometimes, simple is more. Nothing is more chic, than a cute tee shirt, jeans and a pair of hot heels. Zulu Rose is a collection filled with African inspired tees and tanks. Pair the shirts with jeans, some accessories and you’ll look fly and chic for a night out.

See more of the collection here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fly Music: Raheem DeVaughn's 'A Wing & A Prayer'

Please, Raheem DeVaughn come back and drop an album soon. I’ve been missing you. Raheem has a talk with God in this honest song, ‘A Wing & A Prayer.’ It’s dope, and Bun B does his thing, as usual. Let’s pray that Raheem has a new album in the works!

Click to listen:

Fly Music: Jeremih's 'Raindrops' and 'Everywhere We Are'

Does Jeremih have another hit? Off the success of ‘Birthday Sex’ this Chicagoan is making moves, check out ‘Raindrops’ and ‘Everywhere We Are.’ I'm a fan, he writes his own stuff, plays the piano and he’s a lil' cutie. 'Raindrops' is the new 'Birthday Sex.' Them Ohhs & Ahhs.


'Everywhere We Are'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fly Music: Montell Jordon's 'Leading Man'

Wow, is the summer of comebacks? I’m hearing new music, from RL of Next, Ginuwine and now Montell Jordon.

‘Leading Man’ is slanted to be Jordon’s new single. I’m feelin it.

Listen here:

Fly Beauty Find: Banglz and Smartslip

Fly girls are busy, sometimes our schedules are too hectic to find time for fitness but our health should be a top priority. With Banglz and Smartslip, there is a new alternative to squeeze exercise in your day.

Banglz and Smartslips are the easiest & effortless way to integrate exercise throughout your day, Banglz are comfortable, hip weighted bracelets and anklets worn like jewelry all throughout the day. The weighted bracelets give a slight resistance, which makes it the easiest way to convert daily activities into daily exercise, or to maximize your exercise time by adding some resistance training.

The Smartslip is a slip that works you out and slims you down all at once. The slip gives slight resistance with fabric that targets the hips; glutes and legs while you walk and move during the day, giving you a lower body work out with each step.

Do they work?

The Banglz were kinda hard to pull off as they look like a scrunchie on my wrist rather than a bracelet but wearing the added weight on my arms did make everyday movements feel like a workout. Not so much to where I was busting a sweat but at the end of the day, my arms felt much stronger.

The weighted anklets worked wonders, when worn under my work uniform; running around the restaurant with the Banglz was great. The little resistance made slinging breadsticks at Olive Garden more bearable since I knew I was working out my legs, thighs and butt while giving people great service.

The Smartslip works like a bodyshaper, once on; it toned down my problem areas with its tight spandex-like fabric. As soon as I started walking around in the Smartslip, I could feel the difference, there was subtle-tug- resistance every time I took a step. After an hour of wearing, I did feel like I activated my muscles. My concern, is wondering if kept on for a full 8 hour work day, if the slip would become uncomfortable and with continuously wearing, if the fabric would wear down over time, negating the resistance effect.

Though the Banglz and the Smartslip engage muslces through daily movements, nothing can replace full out excerising. But until you can get to the gym, Banglz and Smartslip are both great warm ups.

Check out more here:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fly Music: Murphy Lee's 'Mad at Me' featuring Day 26

Is Murphy Lee of the St. St. Lunatics doing the solo thing again? Here’s a new joint called, ‘Makes Me Mad’ featuring Day 26. If it weren’t for the chorus, I would definitely pass.

Listen here:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lounge of Three

Lounge of Three located at 1013 U Street, NW, only opened for month, yet the crowd seems to feel right at home, as if its not the newest spot on U Street. My friends and I tired Lounge of Three yesterday and we had a great time. Though, it was past happy hour, Lounge of Three continued with drink specials. Rail liquor for five dollars and beer priced at $2.50 to $3.50.

After a couple of drinks, my friends and I ordered some food, with a small simple menu, printed on white paper and stabled together, I decided this isn’t the place to try anything fancy. I just stuck with the basic and tried the buffalo wings. Though I’m not a fan of fried buffalo wings, they were still tasty and reasonable priced. Complemented with a huge portion of fries, that were seasoned well and had a little kick to the them.

Lounge of Three shines with their food prices; drink specials, atmosphere and music. Rarely is there a simplistic bar that comes with a cool crowd, not overly priced nor crowded and blasts, Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt.’ If the aforementioned continues, Lounge of Three just may be the go- to -bar when I’m trying to chill, have a sensible priced beer and listen to some great tunes.

Menu Standouts:

Buffalo wings
Chicken Tenders
Tilapia Caesar Salad
Mama’s Burger

U Street Corridor
1013 U St NW
(between 10th St & 11th St)
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 387-3333

10am - 1am

Lounge of Three on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fly Music: Mario's 'Come & Talk to Me'

I love Mario and all but remaking, the classic, ‘Come and Talk to Me’ by Jodeci? No bueno!

Honestly, it’s not that bad and the young kids, who maybe never heard of the original, probably will like this version. But no one can do K-Ci and JoJo like K-Ci and JoJo, period.

Take a listen:

Fly Event: Party with Nylon Magazine at Bloomingdale's

Reason number 4,354 why I am moving to New York, for the fly events that always take place! This one is for my fellas. Nylon Magazine and Bloomingdale's pair up for their spring in-store event, tomorrow, May 14, 2009.

You must RSVP to

Peep the flyer, and if you’re in NY, make sure to stop thru.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fly Music: Trey Songz’s ‘First Date Sex’

With all these celebs leaking nude photos, I can only hope that Trey Songz is the next victim of a stolen laptop! His photos would be my screen saver with the quickness.

Check out his remix to Jeremih Felton’s ‘Birthday Sex.’

Also check out Trey’s remix to his single, ‘I need a Girl.”

This joint stays on repeat on my itouch!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fly Music: Glenn Lewis' s 'Don't Worry'

Canadian-born singer Glenn Lewis just might be back. Remember his hit, 'Don't You Forget It," in 2002? He is now planning a comeback. Have a listen to his newly leaked single, "Don't Worry."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fly Music: Lyfe Jennings' s 'Work' featuring Fabolous

New music from Lyfe Jennings with an awesome featuring from Fabolous, definitely sounds like single material. ‘Work’ is a smooth spring track. I was reading on other blogs about Fab and dudes where bitching that Fabolous only makes chick music and how he is whack for that, but hey, I’m a chick and I dig it.

Check Fabolous out on Twitter, I never thought he had personality until now, Twitter is working in his favor.

Click to listen:

Fly Beauty Find: Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish

Regardless of the rain, spring is definitely here and I know all fly girls are getting their nails did. But did you know how many harmful ingredients are in your nail polish? Nail polish contains so many harmful ingredients that some women are actually allergic to the polish and certain ingredients are banned in other countries. Such as formaldehyde, which is found in nail polish and banned in Europe, restricted from drinking water and linked to cancer.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is an enriched nail polish, its formulated to give ladies stronger more beautiful nails. It’s free from DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. It’s enhanced with naturally occurring antifungal ingredients and vitamins to promote healthier nails.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is prefect for ladies who have discolored, brittle, or weak nails, pregnant women, children and anyone who wants a healthier alternative.

I had the opportunity to try Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish and after two weeks of continuous use, I see a difference in my nails. Working in a restaurant, I’m constantly washing my hands and chipping my nails while slinging breadsticks, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish has made my nails stronger and longer.

And I’m not sacrificing trendy colors, as Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish comes in all of spring’s latest colors. My mani looks fly and I feel better knowing that my nail polish is working to provide me with healthy nails.

Check out Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish here.

Forever 21 new plus size line, Faith 21

For all my plus sized fly girls, Forever 21 has just debuted their plus sized line, called Faith 21. Faith 21 will offer tops, jeans, tanks, leggings and skirts in a junior plus size as well as XL, 1X and 2X. The design aesthetic follows Forever 21’s trendy take on everything from runway knockoffs to jersey basics. Hopefully, the Faith 21 line will deliver on style and fit. If anything, we know it’s affordable. Prices range from $3.50 to $34.80. Now everyone can benefit from the price friendly clothing store.

Faith 21 is available online and at selected stores. Check out some of my favorite pieces below:

Sleek Denim Leggings

Gathered Front Strapless Dress

Floral Blouse

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Fly Girl Guide Bath & Body Works Giveaway!

In light of the Swine Flu, The Fly Girl Guide wants to make sure that every fly girl is protecting herself.

I’ve team up with Bath & Body Works and spoke with Ian Ginsberg, the pharmacist and proprietor of C.O. Bigelow who gave advice on how to protect yourself from Swine Flu.

“Be conscious of not touching your face immediately after touching door handles, riding subways, and anything other people are touching until you wash your hands. If you don't wash your hands and then touch your face, a virus can travel. Bath & Body Works makes a vast array of Anti-Bacterial hand washes in all different forms and scents and is a great way to stay clean without the clinical smell.”

About the PocketBac- Anti-Bacterial PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel: Spread love, not germs.

This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that get hands clean, wherever you go.

Vitamins B and E nourish skin
Kills germs without water
Leaves skin gently scented (not with that alcohol smell!)
Key fragrance notes: Sweet Pea Petals, Watery Pear, Freesia, Fresh Rasberry, Soft Musk

I’m giving away 15 Anti-Bacterial PocketBac Deep Cleaning Hand Gel!


oOpen to all FGG readers. Send your first and last name to from a VAILD e-mail address.

oWinners will only be contacted via e-mail. In the subject line–write:PocketBac. Winners will then be announced, right here on 1 entry per person.

Good luck Fly Girls! And stay safe and healthy!