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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fly Beauty Find: Banglz and Smartslip

Fly girls are busy, sometimes our schedules are too hectic to find time for fitness but our health should be a top priority. With Banglz and Smartslip, there is a new alternative to squeeze exercise in your day.

Banglz and Smartslips are the easiest & effortless way to integrate exercise throughout your day, Banglz are comfortable, hip weighted bracelets and anklets worn like jewelry all throughout the day. The weighted bracelets give a slight resistance, which makes it the easiest way to convert daily activities into daily exercise, or to maximize your exercise time by adding some resistance training.

The Smartslip is a slip that works you out and slims you down all at once. The slip gives slight resistance with fabric that targets the hips; glutes and legs while you walk and move during the day, giving you a lower body work out with each step.

Do they work?

The Banglz were kinda hard to pull off as they look like a scrunchie on my wrist rather than a bracelet but wearing the added weight on my arms did make everyday movements feel like a workout. Not so much to where I was busting a sweat but at the end of the day, my arms felt much stronger.

The weighted anklets worked wonders, when worn under my work uniform; running around the restaurant with the Banglz was great. The little resistance made slinging breadsticks at Olive Garden more bearable since I knew I was working out my legs, thighs and butt while giving people great service.

The Smartslip works like a bodyshaper, once on; it toned down my problem areas with its tight spandex-like fabric. As soon as I started walking around in the Smartslip, I could feel the difference, there was subtle-tug- resistance every time I took a step. After an hour of wearing, I did feel like I activated my muscles. My concern, is wondering if kept on for a full 8 hour work day, if the slip would become uncomfortable and with continuously wearing, if the fabric would wear down over time, negating the resistance effect.

Though the Banglz and the Smartslip engage muslces through daily movements, nothing can replace full out excerising. But until you can get to the gym, Banglz and Smartslip are both great warm ups.

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