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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Thanks for all the support in 2008! I’ll be back in the New Year with more fashion, new music, artists interviews, beauty finds and more. I have a lot in store for 09! Have fun and be safe!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busta Rhymes' 'Freakin' You' featuring Ne-Yo and Missy

‘Freakin You’ is a nice collaboration from Busta, Missy and Ne-Yo. I think Ne-Yo’s vocals really make the track. Busta’s new album, Bomb comes out next year.

Ne-Yo's 'Miss Your Company'

I’m constantly finding new unreleased Ne-Yo music. ‘Miss Your Company’ features an old school sample and classic Ne-Yo sound. Click to have a listen:

Miss Your Company (2oo8) - Ne-Yo

Friday, December 19, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Monica

Monica and I

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Monica while she was in D.C. at The Butler-Wyatt Boys and Girls Club for their community day event. With newly red hair, she is cute as a button and very sweet with her Atlanta swag. We chatted about the great things she has in store for 09 and how without moisturizer in the winter, a girl can never be fly.

Carla: “What’s new with Monica?”

Monica: “Everything. We’ve been busy but in a good way. I have two children now, so we formulated a clothing line around them. Rocko and Romelo, are very young but I noticed when I would be looking for things for them, I could never find the hot stuff for little boys. You know, you see a ton of things for girls, so I sat down and came up with a clothing line, it will be launching at the top of the year along with the album. So, just doing those two things simultaneously and working on a television show that just got picked up about three weeks ago. A lot of blessings have been stowed upon this family over here in the last two months.”

Carla: “What will your television show be about?”

Monica: “It’s reality television but in a different way. I think over the years, I figured out that my purpose is a lot bigger than just the music. Some of the things I’ve experienced are your not usual situations for artists and entertainers but they are usual situations for kids in the intercity that come from nothing and know what that life is like and what its about. So, I’m just going to venturing out, city to city and meeting with young guys, young girls, that like myself that don’t believe that they can do or be whatever it is that they want to. It will be a lot different than everything that your seeing, we’re not going to cat fight and play on T.V. and waste air time, its going to be a serious show where I can do what I feel like I really was put here to do.”

Carla: “With that being said, did you vote?”

Monica: “ Absolutely, even my three-year-old little Rocko says it, ‘Mama, you vote Obama!’ I stood in that line early in the morning.”

Carla: “Was it a long line?”

Monica: “It wasn’t bad, they let my mom stand in it for a little while, until I got off work and came there, so it was cool, we just traded shifts. But, I would have done anything to make sure I was apart of that. I mean this is history, its going to be something that we can tell our grandkids and great grandkids about, so I never would have sat outside of the ring to watch that take place.”

Carla: “How do you feel that Obama will influence your sons, and with your T.V. show, will Obama inspire change and the belief that you can be anything?”

Monica: “I definitely think that because they have seen something that they never saw before, that’s all apart of believing that change is possible. When you see things that you don’t normally see, you don’t normally see girls that come from where I come from do what I do. You have me, you have, Keyshia, you have Mary, but still very few, it’s a small circle, so the more they see it, the more they can believe it. And Obama is a big part of that, I mean sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders but he also has a lot of support.”

Carla: “Speaking of Keyshia Cole, how was it working with her on the song, ‘Trust’?”

Monica: “That was easy, anytime you work with your friends, it’s a different level. I think our relationship outside of music, made it pretty much, just like another day. I mean, we recorded the song, in like five or six hours and then took the kids to Universal studios. We were done with the song, long before it hit the airwaves because we’re family.”

Carla: “How has motherhood changed you?”

Monica: “It changed everything, because it changes the things that your conscious of. Now, I’m more conscious of what I may do, what I may say, where I may go, who I may go with. I mean your just conscious of everything, but I mean I love my children; they were the best things that could have happened to me. Doing what I do, you forget what’s its like to just really love and be genuine at all costs and they brought that back into my life.”

Carla: “Lots of change talk, how has the music industry changed since you started in the nineties?”

Monica: “Nothings the same, we used to run to the store and buy people’s records and read the cover to see who they thanked and its not like that now and everything is different. But I’m also a person that I don’t trip off of change, I’m cool with it, we have to do different things to make happen, now-a-days, so we just multitask.”

Carla: “With your first single in 1995, ‘Just one of those days (Don’t Take it Personal)’, when was the last time, you had one of those personal days?”

Monica: “I think you stop having those days when you have kids. Especially since they travel with me, its no joke, I don’t even get in that zone, that’s a little too selfish. I was twelve when I recorded that record so it was cool to have one of those days, now my days are about others.”

Carla: “What does Monica thinks makes a fly girl?”

Monica: “To me, what I think what makes a girl fly, is not feeling like you have to do things a certain way. Perfect example, red hair is not the most common thing you’ll see, most people don’t take a chance like that and do this to themselves. You know, most people will buy a piece and try it, cause you wanna see what people at work are going to say or what your friends may say. I believe that really being fly is believing that if it works for you, then you can radiate greatness every time you step out. If I have on sweats, I’m comfortable, if I have on a headscarf, I’m comfortable, if I make-up artists or not, I’m comfortable because I feel like I’m doing what’s working for me. I think I missed a whole lot of trends, if you think about it, I cut my hair short and spiked it and flipped in 95, so as I see things come back around, its kinda funny. But I really feel like, if you do what you feel, if the girl sitting in the cubical next to you don’t like it, she might just be mad that she can’t do it. Stop putting so much weight on what other people think and you’ll be fly at all times.”

Carla: “What’s one thing a fly girl needs?”

Monica: “I think cause its winter time, moisturizer. An ashy girl can never be fly baby!”

Monica’s working on her last sessions for her album, Still Standing, which is dropping in the first quarter of the New Year and she’s working with Polow da Don and her friend Missy. She stated that she won’t work during the holidays because it’s all about her family, chilling and eating good.

Click to listen to the hot track, 'Trust' where both Monica and Keyshia go hard.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Redfoot Revolution

With the New Year approaching, I’m sure every fly girl is looking for the prefect outfit to ring in the New Year. While your stumbling out of the club on New Year’s Day, try a pair of Redfoot Revolution shoes to place on your sore feet after a night of dancing. Redfoot shoes are different because they are designed to fold up and can easily fit in your clutch. The split sole is design is so unique it is patented worldwide and it allows you to fold them away neatly into it’s own tiny bag or into your clutch and re-emerge again in perfect shape.

Created by a team of footwear experts and top podiatrists, the Redfoot range has been two years in the making. Following extensive research and development, the result is a stylish, sexy, yet deceptively comfortable shoe.

The Redfoot folding shoe is the number one selling product of its type in the world. Women everywhere from 18-80 have fallen in love with the comfort, styling and versatility of this fabulous footwear. Wear your Redfoot’s whilst driving, shopping, traveling, at the races, at weddings, on the beach, around the house or on a night out. Redfoot folding shoes are there when you need them.

Celebrity fans include – Natasha Bedingfield, Beth Ditto, Twiggy, JK Rowling, Caroline Monk, Nicky Clarke, Suzanne Shaw, Holly Willoughby, Sarah Cawood, Kym Ryder, Danielle Lloyd, Kara Tointon, Ali Bastian, Linda Lusardi, Kim Wilde, Emma Rigby, Roxanne McKee and some too posh to mention! Trisha Goddard is a huge fan of the range: “Thanks to such a sporty life and thus spending so much of my life in trainers, I'm rubbish in heels! Other than for the red carpet run, of course. So After Party Shoes are now going to be a fixture in my handbag.”

Check out the cute designs of the Redfoot shoes and make sure to pick up a pair for after your New Year’s party.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ciara's 'Keep Dancing' featuring The Dream

Ciara’s Fantasy Ride seems to be a new sound for her and on ‘Keep Dancing’ she pairs up with the singer/songwriter/producer, The Dream. Speaking of The Dream, have you heard his new single, ‘Rockin’ That Thang’? Please don’t sleep on my man, his first CD was hot and I’m excited to his new one, Love Vs. Money.

Click below to hear Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, click here to hear, The Dream’s new hit.

Raheem DeVaughn's 'Bring It Back'

Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Bring It Back’ just leaked online a few days ago and I like it. He has a new LP dropping sometime in 2009. Oh yeah, his single, ‘Customer’ was just nominated for Grammy last week. Congrats Raheem!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lil Wayne's 'I Love You' featuring Keyshia Cole

Lil Wanye and Keyshia Cole covers Mary J. Blige’s 1994 hit ‘I Love You.’

I can’t wait for the mastered version, cause this sounds hot. Get ‘Em Keyshia; you already think you’re a young Mary anyway!

Pepper and Pistol and Turbans

Pepper and Pistol just debut their Summer 09 collection and while the clothes are fierce, I love how they paired a turban with each look. Turbans have always looked old Hollywood glam to me and on my bad hair days, I can see myself rockin one in a hot pink or royal purple.

Click here to review the Pepper and Pistol line.

Click here to take a look at turbans I found on They come in over 30 different colors!

Is violence the new fashion trend? The James Piatt Collection

Just last week, I wrote a post on the Chanel Gun Heels from the Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection now I just found designer, James Piatt, who has a bag line that showcases a bag that ironically has a brass knuckle handle but is called, “The Peackeeper”. His other bag include a gun shaped purse called, “The Persuader” which features a handy cell phone compartment in the clip. "The Persuader" is constructed by interlocking laser cut leather and has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology.

Check out his other bags here.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Common's 'Make My Day' featuring Cee-Lo

Common drops his new album, Universal Mind Control next Tuesday, Dec. 9th. ‘Make my Day’ is one of his favorite cuts from his latest LP and it features Cee-Lo. This is like a perfect summer song. It’s too cute. Loves it!

Watch Common break down his favorite tracks from his album in the video below:

P.S.- How sexy is Common? This picture makes him look extra yummy. Those freckles do something to me! Watch out Ms. Serena Williams!

Get Hip - Get Green with Eco-Bags

Going Green gets easier with Eco-Bags “Totes with Quotes” line. Ego-Bags, The Original Reusable Bag Company since 1989 has been going green before “Go Green” became a verb. The original company just launched their Totes with Quotes line and the bags are fashion forward, very stylish and affordable.

The Fair Wage/Fair Labor totes, featuring lines such as, “Get Hip Get Green”, “Think Global Act Local”, “Talk Green to Me”, “I Am What I Do”, “Make Love Not Carbon” and “Love This Planet”; there is sure to be a bag for every fly girl who is doing her part as a eco-aware activist.

Usage for this totes are endless, you can use them while shopping in the grocery store, the mall, use the bag to carry school books, to the gym or even as your purse. “Totes with Quotes” are all unique and made from different materials including: 100% Organic Cotton, 55% Hemp/45% Cotton blends, 100% Recycled Cotton, 75% Recycled Cotton/25% Natural Cotton blends and Non-Woven Polypropylene.

Fly Girls, you know I love any item that gives back, Eco-Bags, “I Am What I Do” bag is giving $5 from every bag sold to Their line of B.Y.O.B. bags is giving 20% of proceeds directly to MS research and portions of the proceeds from their “Nothing on Me is Plastic” tote are going to the Environmental Media Association.

Each bag can hold up to the equivalent of four or five plastic bags and most are machine washable, while others are easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge. Even celebs are rockin’ Eco-Bags, stars like Jessica Biel, Rachel McAdams, Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander carrying these new bags around the streets of New York or Los Angeles, “Totes with Quotes” are the new green-ticket items and are regularly discovered as the eco-gift bag for major celebrity events.

For every “Get Hip Get Green” bag purchased means a donation will go to The Green Ambassadors, a high school eco-ed program.

Get yours today at

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update: Clip-On Earrings


So, since Clip-On earrings are all the new rage, I looked on my favorite site, Etsy for a fly vintage ones.

I just scored these Givenchy clip-ons for 15 bucks! They are too cute to pass up!

Chanel Gun Heel=Brass Kunckle Heel

Since, I can’t afford the Chanel Gun Heel from the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection, I found a cute affordable, alternative heel on Patricia Field’s website. The brass knuckle heel would look too fly with a pair of skinny jeans and a charming top.

I would feel a tad bad promoting violence with my pumps, but fashion is just art right?

Jay-Z's 'Brooklyn Go Hard' featuring Santogold

Though some people are still weary on Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak, no one has any doubts about his production skills. “Brooklyn Go Hard” is off the Notorious soundtrack and features my girl, Santogold.

Now, if a dope rapper from B-more doesn’t come out and represent for my city sometime soon then it leaves no choice for my alter ego, “Coco Carla” to put on for my city. I figure if I’m writer than I can write my own 16 bars. LOL.

Click below to listen:

Brooklyn (We Go Hard) (Ft. Santogold) - Jay-Z

Clip-on Earrings back on the scene!

Rachel Comey's Clip-On Obsession

Are clip-on earrings making a comeback? Seen on models in Spring fashion shows, designers are bringing the painful earrings back.

Check out this article in the Huffington Post for how clip-on earrings are all the rage. I gotta go clean out my mom’s and grandma’s jewelry box.

Even Michelle Obama rocks clip-on earrings.

Michelle's Alexis Bittar clip-ons