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Thursday, February 26, 2009

14th Street Finds

I love walking, geared with my ipod and my two feet; I walk all over the District. I recently ventured further than usual on 14th Street and I found some amazing finds that I’ve been missing.

Hemphill Gallery

This art gallery has been around since 1993 but it has recently moved to 1515 14th Street in Logan Circle. The gallery itself is impressive, you would never think of such a place on 14th Street. Even more impressive, is the Bob Johnson Presents Selections from The Barnett-Aden Collection- A Homecoming Celebration.

The Barnett-Aden Collection features collected work by artists who painted and sculptured pieces from their own lives as an African Americans living in America and dealing with what that means. It is a wonderful collection of the African American life by artists such as Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, and Archibald Motley.

Bob Johnson made an effort to preserve and maintain the collection and it is showing through March 7.

Please take time to stop by and check out the gallery, the pieces are lively, the artistic range is impressive and the struggle of being Black in America is still relevant.

Click here to learn more about the Gallery and hours.

ACKA Cocoa Bar D.C

It’s like a grown up candy store but much more. ACKA (Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections) is a cocoa bar for those chocolate lovers. The concept is popular in cities such as New York, Paris and Madrid and now D.C.!

It’s like a classy Starbucks were coffee isn’t the focus but delectable hot cocoa drinks. This isn’t your average hot cocoa, where you take a Swiss Mix packet and add water, ACKA’s hot cocoa is made with fine chocolate and the drinks are named after divas and starlets. Such as The Lucy (named after Lucille Ball), which comes, infused with chipotle peppers and cinnamon. The Liz (Liz Taylor) is hot cocoa infused with lavender. The Joan (Joan Crawford) is mixed with a shot of espresso.

This quaint cocoa bar also features pastries from local bakeries, owner Eric Nelson’s artwork and novelty items such as chocolate voodoo dolls, chocolate scented candles and chocolate massage oil.

Universal Gear for Fly Boys

The window displays drew me into this men’s shop. Universal Gear is for the trendy, metrosexual man. It has a large section of designer jeans such as D&G, Diesel, and Ben Sherman. Universal Gear also features American Apparel, Scotch and Soda, and G-Star.

Ladies, if your man is just as fly as you, then you definitely should put him on to this store.

Located at 1525 14th Street.

Fly Vid: Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ featuring T-Pain

Finally a video for Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ featuring T-Pain. This Hype Williams directed video features cameos from Ron Howard, Quincy Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cedric The Entertainer, Morris Chesnut, Tatyana Ali, Bill Bellamy and others.

The video is hot, but I am over T-Pain and the Nuvo-product placement.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OMG- Chanel Segway

I found this on Kanye’s blog. The luxury brand Chanel announces the creation of the two-wheeled, self-balancing Segway for you to travel to work or school in style. The urban personal transporter that promises to deliver more fun than a bike or a car looks as sporty as a rollerblade.

The Segway shoves the rider towards his or her destination with the help of body momentum at a speed of nearly 20k/h. The luxury commute, which boasts a Chanel 2.55 attached to its handlebar for storing your fly accessories while riding it, is truly an eco-friendly way to go over small distances. Though there is no info on pricing yet, but it won’t be cheap.

It would probably be more cost efficient and eco-friendly, if I just took a bike and hung a Chanel purse over the handlebars. I’m just sayin’.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My new favorite thing: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

I finally picked up the Maybelline Lash Stiletto and I love it. First, I love the packaging; it’s so sleek and classy. Secondly, Maybelline claims that Lash Stiletto is the " Ultimate Length Mascara...seductive length, shiny patent finish, strengths and conditions” and I couldn’t agree more!

My lashes look longer, seperated and shiny. I’ve been a Maybelline Great Lash fan since I started wearing makeup and the Lash Stiletto ties with the Great Lash. And for 6 bucks a pop (this price at Bed Bath & Beyond), it’s not a bad investment and can easily compare to the pricey designer mascaras.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

T-Pain and Kanye West's ‘Flight School’

Ok, I know I told Kanye to man up last week but after reading his article in Details magazine, I realized that he might be a genius and I need to get on his level. I’m about to lock myself in my room for a couple of summers and write some ill material, after I come out of hiding; I’m going to have the next best seller. HA!

Have a listen below:

The Dream's Love vs. Money

I’m diggin’ The-Dream’s Love vs. Money. He’s like the new R. Kelly of 2009, without the whole peeing on girls incident. ‘Sweat It Out’ is slow and funky and the Kanye featured, “Walking On The Moon” has a Prince feel.

"Sweat It Out"

"Walking On The Moon" featuring Kanye West

Love vs. Money is due out on March 10th!

Ciara's 'Love & Sex & Magic' featuring Justin Timberlake

Everything I’m hearing from Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, I’m just not feeling. Even with a Justin Timberlake feature, this song still lacks something. No magic here, although Justin does a full version of ‘Love & Sex & Magic’ by himself which sounds way better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uptown Girl Entertainment Presents: Shop-O-Nomics

For those who are feeling the recession, my good friends at Uptown Girl Entertainment has the best event, for girls who are trying to maintain their fly in these economic times.

Uptown Girl Entertainment presents: Shop-O-Nomics, an event with trendy vendors, boutiques, and designers in the area who are offering clearance merchandise at liquidation-level prices and new merchandise at exclusive prices.

Click here to learn more about Shop-O-Nomics.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ray J 's 'Sex In Da Rain'

“Wait, isn’t that Brandy’s brother?” Whenever, I think Ray J, I always think of that Lil’ Kim line, he will always be Brandy’s little brother to me. Ha!

Apparently, with his new show, For The Love of Ray J, he’s dropping a soundtrack to the show. Have a listen to his single, ‘Sex In Da Rain’ and let me know what you think.

Rue 14

I was hurt when my favorite boutique, Pop closed down shop and left me on the hunt for another boutique that sold limited pieces for reasonable prices and had massive half off sales.

So, when I walked past the store where Pop used to be, I saw that Rue 14 has taken its place. I was curious to see exactly what Rue 14 was about, I even told the store clerk that I’m bias because I loved Pop so much and that they had very big shoes to fill.

But, to my delight, Rue 14 is just like Pop! This tiny store is filled with cute, limited clothes by Free People, Plastic Island, and 39SixtyOne, as well as an array of emerging denim labels. Rue 14 wants to bring Parisian influence to the District.

With one visit, you too can feel like a Black girl in Paris.

Rue 14, 1803a 14th Street NW, between S and T Street

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bookmark: The List: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life

We’re two months into the new year and if things are looking similar to last February, sit down and read Gail Belsky’s The List: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life.

It’s a fun, upbeat, inspiring way to get out of the rut of your daily life. The List will encourage you to try something new, whether it be as simple as painting a wall or as complicated as joining the peace corps. Each shake-up includes a short description of the shake-up, tips on how to start, and the personal story of a woman who took on the activity.

It’s kinda like being the female version of Jim Carrey’s movie, Yes Man.

Click here to read Belsky’s blog on how writing The List was the biggest shakeup up her life. Also, join the facebook application where you can your list activities! I’m working on my list right now.

New Music Video: Kanye West's 'Welcome to Heartbreak' featuring Kid Cudi

The imagery in this video is fire! I wonder if being famous and rich is really as heartbreaking as Kanye makes it seem? Cause being broke in a recession is truly heartbreaking, with that being said, Kanye- stop b*tching and man up!

Jack Daniels presents: Arts, Beats + Lyrics @ The Hippodrome Theater

AB+L explores themes in hip hop and highlights urban art forms expressed through photography, graffiti, paintings, multimedia fused with DJ'ing, break dancing and live music.

Event Information:
Friday, February 20, 2009
7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
cover: FREE
music: Hip Hop


Venue Information:
Hippodrome Theater
12 North Eutaw St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Monday, February 16, 2009

Flashing Lights-The Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton Line

I have a friend on Facebook whose status stated, "I hate when people flaunt stuff, it’s so tacky. If you have it, just rock it. Those of the same echelon will acknowledge it, no need for you to.”

Well, forget that, these Louie bags and leggings must be flaunted and if I could afford them both, I would have no shame in name dropping with my bright neon purse and leggings. I would wear them both at the same time! Lol.

Pushing Daises

The latest edition of Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance is the same (elegant with hints of floral and slightly fruity) as before but this limited edition comes with a sheet of tiny stickers filled with hearts, flowers, ladybugs and spiders to decorate the bottle.

Available this month, I’m sure Lisa Frank and Marc Jacobs fans will both be delighted. $ 57 for 1.7 ounces, at department stores.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Bilal

Bilal has to be one of the most honest, humble, and funniest artist that I’ve met.

Since, its Valentine’s Day, I decided to ask Bilal for his opinion and advice for dating. Fly Girls, I’m not sure if you should take all of his advice, but he does keep it funky.

The Unofficial Guide to Dating and Love According to Bilal

What is love according to Bilal?

“Love is an unexplained warm feeling. A feeling of attachment, that you just wanna take care and be good to someone. It’s easy to fall in love but sometimes love can get mixed up with infatuation.”

The best gifts for Valentine’s Day?

“I’m the most unromantic person that it sucks. I try so hard, I do the cliché stuff, like chocolate and roses, but I really think Valentine’s Day is about being genuine. I try to find out what the person likes and I give it to them in the most genuine and honest way possible.”

“I try to make everyday a holiday when I’m with somebody. Show them a good time all the time, so when the holidays come up they already spoiled anyway.”

Your favorite song to make love to?

“The best song to make love to is something slow and not a lot of words. It really don’t matter the song, I just really look for something that’s really like elevator music. So, the only thing you can think about is the motion.”

Finish the sentence, love will…?

“Love will bring you happiness. I’m a young man, I’m trying to figure love out myself.”

The craziest thing love has made you do?

“Throw a computer out the window in a fit of jealously. Love can bring about jealously, a lot of time I try to avoid the dark side of love.”

“The craziest thing love has made someone do to me? Stalk me. Just show up to places they know I’ll be at and just kinda be annoying.”

Thoughts on Barack Obama and Michelle’s black love?

“Michelle and Barack Obama’s love is just beautiful. Two successful people that are supporting each other in a common cause is dope. It’s like their a mirror of each other, both successful; both have reached their goals. It’s really about when you’re with a person that’s your cheerleader. I feel like he’s her cheerleader and she’s his cheerleader and they’re really supporting each other.”

“That’s good to have in a relationship. To really have somebody that you know is all about you and for you and really wants to help you get to the next level. Its really messed up when you’re in a relationship with somebody and their always hating on you cause they not really doing nothing. When you got someone that your constantly building with and y’all always on a next level conversation with each other, and you can look back after a year and say ‘not only do I love you more, but my life outside of this relationship is doing better.’ That’s gooood love.”

The worst way to break up with someone?

“A text message. That was terrible. Somebody broke up with me thru a text message. I’ve been broken with thru text message, thru letters, anything where you're not really there with the person, really sucks.”

Does breaking up with someone thru a text lighten the blow?

“I want to beg, like please, baby, no.”

How does Bilal set the mood?

“First, I’ll start off with heavy liquor then I’ll try to clean up nice. Clean the house, good incense. Maybe a nice massage then a duel shower or a duel shower than a massage. A lil’ bit of The Simpsons or Family Guy.”

The best remedy if your Valentine’s Day sucks?

“ If your Valentine’s Day sucks, go home and buy a 40. I like Heineken. Just go home and chill by yourself and just enjoy that. A lot of people don’t go in too deep on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have anyone. It’s really about you having yourself first, that way you don’t feel all left out or anxious. If you don’t have anybody, go buy a porno and a beer, go home and chill. Love yourself.”

Bilal is hoping his new project; Air Tight's Revenge will drop in the second quarter. It’s not really about love Bilal says, it’s more about finding yourself, with thought provoking songs.

Check out my favorite song by Bilal, ‘Soul Sista.’

Soul Sista - Bilal

Thursday, February 12, 2009

T-Wayne's 'Snap Your Fingaz'

T-Wayne! I’m loving this joint! T-Wayne is a very hot collaboration.

Click to enjoy!

DC Winter Restaurant Week

My favorite week in D.C. is here!

Destination DC and the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington are proud to present the 14th Washington, DC Restaurant Week from February 16-22.

This is the best opportunity to try that restaurant you always wanted to but didn't want to break the bank.

Lunch: $20.09 for a three-course fixed-price meal

Dinner: $35.09 for a three-course fixed-price meal

Beverages, gratuity and tax are not included.

*Most, but not all, restaurants participating in Restaurant Week offer online reservations through Your reservations are FREE and confirmed instantly 24 hours a day. No phone calls. No hassles.*

Click here for a list of restaurants.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ryan Leslie's self titled album is out today!

The talented Ryan Leslie finally dropped his debut album and its getting rave reviews. I’m too excited for him and I wish him much success as a solo artist.

Click below to hear my favorite cut from Ryan Leslie entitled, ‘Gibberish.’ I heard this sexy song before it was finished and I fell in love with it, now I after hearing the full, final version, I’m hooked on this track again.

I interviewed Ryan over the summer, click here to learn more about this musical genius.

Pussy Galore: M∙A∙C Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection

It’s finally here! I’ve been patiently waiting for M∙A∙C's Hello Kitty Collection to hit the stores and today is the day! The Hello Kitty Collection features two collections, Hello Kitty Mild and Hello Kitty Wild. I went straight for the wild stuff.

My top picks:

Limited edition Hello Kitty Lipglass featuring a shiny black cap with Hello Kitty figure on a pop art pattern background. The vial features the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty in this collection’s signature pink.

I love 'Fast Friends.' It's a sheer bright intense purple with pearl.

Limited edition shades of Nail Lacquer in a bottle featuring Hello Kitty and M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty logos.

This color is hot. Called 'On The Prowl' its a light creamy grey.

M·A·C Glitter can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair.

Peep, the Hello Kitty Brush Set. Its a black plastic brush holder in the shape of a Hello Kitty head complete with her iconic pink bow. Contains a basic set of brushes for lip, face, eyes: the 187SE, 109SE, 239SE brushes.

This uber cute collection will not last! You know how everything at M∙A∙C sells out! Move with the swiftness!

The Dream's 'Rockin' That Thang Rap Remix' featuring Juelz Sanatan, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Fabolous

This is the remix! Check out The Dream’s ‘Rockin That Thang Rap Remix’ featuring Juelz Sanatan, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Fabolous. Def Jam All Stars huh?

I’m diggin this remix. Juelz, Luda and Fab killed it.

Click to listen:

Get Involved: Learn About the Public Art Community Open House

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities is conducting a citywide Public Art Master Plan.

Fly Girls, you are invited to an Open House meeting to participate and share your thoughts on Public Art in your neighborhood and throughout the city, which will be included in the overall DC Creates Public Art Program Vision in the District of Columbia.

Who: The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Creates Public Art Program

What: Public Art Master Plan Community Open House

Where: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library901 G Street, NW

Metro: Gallery Place-Chinatown (Red/Green/Yellow) and Metro Center (Red/Blue/Orange)

When: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Why: We want visions, concepts and opinions about public art (murals, sculptures, installations) from the entire DC community! The public is invited to participate and share their thoughts on public art throughout the city and in their neighborhoods. The communities’ ideas and input will be included in the overall DC Creates Public Art Program vision in the District of Columbia.

To RSVP and for more information call or email: Deirdre Ehlen at (202) 724-5613 or

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bootie Pies: Pedicure boots for posh toes

Bootie Pies, the new way to get a pedicure in the wintertime without wearing flip-flops in the snow. Instead, you wear boots that channel Uggs and a hobo. Bootie Pies was created by three sisters who loved to have fresh painted toes but hated the waiting time for them to dry and the fact that you have to wear flip flops in the winter.

I realized that I too, loved getting a pedi but I just don’t like waiting for the polish to dry (I’m working on my patience). So, I grabbed a pair of Bootie Pies to try and I really love them! Sure, I’m probably creating a fashion don’t by wearing boots that cover everything but my toes. But, they are ingenious in my opinion.

I wore them as boots to the salon and when it was time for me to get my toes painted, I slipped the boots on and pressed the leather flap down and I walked out the salon with a half boot and half flip-flop contraption that garnered tons of stares.

Although, I have a fresh pedicure, I’ve been wearing my Bootie Pies all weekend because they are just as comfortable as Uggs and just as cute.

See how they work below:

Bootie Pies have been snapped up by celebrities like Scarlett Johansson,
Mary J. Blige, Rebecca Romjin, Angie Harmon, Jennifer Hudson, and The
Pussycat Dolls. In fact, beauty icon Trish McEvoy gave Bootie Pies to her
entire staff!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Gibson

I feel bad writing about this bar that is supposed to be a “speakeasy”, but I can’t let the awesomeness of this place go unnoticed by my fellow fly girls.

A speakeasy was an establishment, which illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition. During this period (1920-1933), the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was illegal. The term “speakeasy” comes from a patron’s manner of ordering alcohol without raising suspicion — a bartender would tell a patron to be quiet and "speak easy. ”

I don’t understand the overly dramatic incognito theme, since alcohol is legal but the effect is cool. Located next to Marvin on 14th and U at 2009 14th St. NW, this no sign, ring doorbell and enter quickly bar is in short, fly.

Named after a D.C. local whom the owners of The Gibson, known and missed, this spot abides by some strict rules. For example, there is no standing at the bar; there must be room inside for you to enjoy your drink. If there is no space open, then you can give your number to one of the staff who will call you when space opens up and you get 8 minutes to truck back from Marvin to claim it. Space is so limited that it is suggested to make reservation between 6-10 p.m. and secure a table for up to 2 hours.

If The Gibson seems a little pretentious, it is! But the drinks and the décor and the friendliness of staff make up for it. This is not the place to order vodka and cranberry, this is a place where you order a handcrafted cocktail made by a mixologist- not a bartender. I ordered The Golden Child, a rum cocktail made with peanut butter liqueur and cream and I felt like I was living my life like it was golden while slipping on this delicious drink.

Try out The Gibson, just don’t tell them the Fly Girl sent you and remember to speak easy.

The Gibson
2009 14th St. NWWashington, DC 20009
Gibson on Urbanspoon

My new favorite thing: Chanel Nail Colour in Vendetta

Purple is the new black. Seen on the runways such as Zac Posen’s spring ‘09 show, the color of royalty is slanted to be the color of spring. Chanel’s Vendetta is a hot, vampy shade that is guaranteed to be the next Black Satin.

Act fast because even at $23 bucks, this shade is selling out quickly.

Have you had a snog today? Snog Lip Balm

I love lip-gloss, the sheen, the stickness, and the way the light reflects off of my lips, I always have to make sure that my lip-gloss is poppin. But in order for me to get my ‘Lil’ Mama’ on, my lips must be in top-notch shape, meaning, my lips have to be conditioned and smooth.

Snog (the British expression referring to kissing, cuddling, and/or caressing) Lip Balm is the new pocket lip balm that soothes and smoothes lips for a kissable pout. Though its half the size of a typical lip balm and I constantly had to look for it in my purse, it was well worth the search.

Snog is filled with advanced ingredients that penetrate into dry lips instead of sitting on the surface. My lips were truly moisturized making them kissable for hours, I could feel the moisturizing formula sinking into my lips and remain on my lips and not my BFs.

The website states that snog is equipped with hip, brazen packaging for the young and the passionate. Snog Balm packs intense hydration into a small package that catches the eyes of everyone who sees it. The backside of each Snog Balm packaging features unique stories that capture first, favorite, outrageous, or witty snog moments submitted by Snog Balm customers. Each story unites Snog Balm users with a common interest: snogging.

The pocket-sized lip balms are available in four different flavors: Cheeky Mint, Naked, and Virgin Cherry.

WHAT THEY COST: $3.50 each


Hetty Rose- Handmade Shoes to Order

Hetty Rose's Ella from the Kimono 2 Collection

Oh, how I love vintage reconstructed clothing. Hetty Rose has a unique story of how she makes her own shoes for fly girls around the globe:

The Hetty Rose label makes shoes.

The collection is based on a theory of re-using and re-working vintage materials in a creative and sustainable way, hand making gorgeous, feminine shoes to fit.

These materials are primarily vintage Japanese kimono fabrics: relics of a disappearing world, saturated in significance and hidden meanings.

The colours and folds signify various seasons, occasion, status and personal taste of the wearer.

The designer hand selects the most exquisite antique fabrics to use as uppers for shoes to create unique handmade footwear.

The designs are simple, yet provocative, designed to make the foot appear more attractive.

The collaboration of colours, materials, service and directional design result in unique, wearable footwear.

Check out Hetty Rose here.

Lil' Wayne's 'Prom Queen'

Lil’ Wayne has an upcoming rock album releasing sometime this year and I think its going to be cool. He definitely thinks he is a rock star and this joint, ‘Prom Queen’ is very ipod worthy. I also like his other song with Pharrell called, ‘Yes.’

Click to listen:

Prom Queen - Lil Wayne