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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Bilal

Bilal has to be one of the most honest, humble, and funniest artist that I’ve met.

Since, its Valentine’s Day, I decided to ask Bilal for his opinion and advice for dating. Fly Girls, I’m not sure if you should take all of his advice, but he does keep it funky.

The Unofficial Guide to Dating and Love According to Bilal

What is love according to Bilal?

“Love is an unexplained warm feeling. A feeling of attachment, that you just wanna take care and be good to someone. It’s easy to fall in love but sometimes love can get mixed up with infatuation.”

The best gifts for Valentine’s Day?

“I’m the most unromantic person that it sucks. I try so hard, I do the cliché stuff, like chocolate and roses, but I really think Valentine’s Day is about being genuine. I try to find out what the person likes and I give it to them in the most genuine and honest way possible.”

“I try to make everyday a holiday when I’m with somebody. Show them a good time all the time, so when the holidays come up they already spoiled anyway.”

Your favorite song to make love to?

“The best song to make love to is something slow and not a lot of words. It really don’t matter the song, I just really look for something that’s really like elevator music. So, the only thing you can think about is the motion.”

Finish the sentence, love will…?

“Love will bring you happiness. I’m a young man, I’m trying to figure love out myself.”

The craziest thing love has made you do?

“Throw a computer out the window in a fit of jealously. Love can bring about jealously, a lot of time I try to avoid the dark side of love.”

“The craziest thing love has made someone do to me? Stalk me. Just show up to places they know I’ll be at and just kinda be annoying.”

Thoughts on Barack Obama and Michelle’s black love?

“Michelle and Barack Obama’s love is just beautiful. Two successful people that are supporting each other in a common cause is dope. It’s like their a mirror of each other, both successful; both have reached their goals. It’s really about when you’re with a person that’s your cheerleader. I feel like he’s her cheerleader and she’s his cheerleader and they’re really supporting each other.”

“That’s good to have in a relationship. To really have somebody that you know is all about you and for you and really wants to help you get to the next level. Its really messed up when you’re in a relationship with somebody and their always hating on you cause they not really doing nothing. When you got someone that your constantly building with and y’all always on a next level conversation with each other, and you can look back after a year and say ‘not only do I love you more, but my life outside of this relationship is doing better.’ That’s gooood love.”

The worst way to break up with someone?

“A text message. That was terrible. Somebody broke up with me thru a text message. I’ve been broken with thru text message, thru letters, anything where you're not really there with the person, really sucks.”

Does breaking up with someone thru a text lighten the blow?

“I want to beg, like please, baby, no.”

How does Bilal set the mood?

“First, I’ll start off with heavy liquor then I’ll try to clean up nice. Clean the house, good incense. Maybe a nice massage then a duel shower or a duel shower than a massage. A lil’ bit of The Simpsons or Family Guy.”

The best remedy if your Valentine’s Day sucks?

“ If your Valentine’s Day sucks, go home and buy a 40. I like Heineken. Just go home and chill by yourself and just enjoy that. A lot of people don’t go in too deep on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have anyone. It’s really about you having yourself first, that way you don’t feel all left out or anxious. If you don’t have anybody, go buy a porno and a beer, go home and chill. Love yourself.”

Bilal is hoping his new project; Air Tight's Revenge will drop in the second quarter. It’s not really about love Bilal says, it’s more about finding yourself, with thought provoking songs.

Check out my favorite song by Bilal, ‘Soul Sista.’

Soul Sista - Bilal


Anonymous said...

"Bilal is hoping his new project; Air Tight Revenge will drop in the second quarter. It’s not really about love Bilal says, it’s more about finding yourself, with thought provoking songs."

That's good to hear ! Thanks for this interview

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