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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you had a snog today? Snog Lip Balm

I love lip-gloss, the sheen, the stickness, and the way the light reflects off of my lips, I always have to make sure that my lip-gloss is poppin. But in order for me to get my ‘Lil’ Mama’ on, my lips must be in top-notch shape, meaning, my lips have to be conditioned and smooth.

Snog (the British expression referring to kissing, cuddling, and/or caressing) Lip Balm is the new pocket lip balm that soothes and smoothes lips for a kissable pout. Though its half the size of a typical lip balm and I constantly had to look for it in my purse, it was well worth the search.

Snog is filled with advanced ingredients that penetrate into dry lips instead of sitting on the surface. My lips were truly moisturized making them kissable for hours, I could feel the moisturizing formula sinking into my lips and remain on my lips and not my BFs.

The website states that snog is equipped with hip, brazen packaging for the young and the passionate. Snog Balm packs intense hydration into a small package that catches the eyes of everyone who sees it. The backside of each Snog Balm packaging features unique stories that capture first, favorite, outrageous, or witty snog moments submitted by Snog Balm customers. Each story unites Snog Balm users with a common interest: snogging.

The pocket-sized lip balms are available in four different flavors: Cheeky Mint, Naked, and Virgin Cherry.

WHAT THEY COST: $3.50 each


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