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Monday, March 31, 2008

Got My Drink N' My Two Step- Drink of the Week: Love in a Glass

Planning a cozy dinner for you and your boo? Try this cocktail to compliment your meal, it's love in a martini glass!

Love in a Glass

1 1/2 oz. Liqueur, raspberry (Chambord)
2 dashes Amaretto (Disaronno)
1 1/2 oz. Vodka (Grey Goose)
1 oz. Sour Mix

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into two glasses.

Blue Magic: Chanel's Blue Satin

Call yourself a true fashionista if you can literally get your hands on Chanel’s newest nail polish shade, Blue Satin. This color is number 461 from the highly coveted Le Vernis Nail Colour line from Chanel. Just introduced and already hard to find, Blue Satin is a great funky alternative to black nails. Just in time for the transitional state of Winter into Spring, Blue Satin is a perfect pair for the in-between stage of your wardrobe.

When the light hits your nails with this dark shade, it casts a beautiful sparkle that shows its blueness. It’s already sold out on Chanel’s website and at Niemen Marcus, so hit up the Chanel counter or if you must have this shade, try Ebay, though bids are starting at 60 bucks.

U Street's newest addition: Ulah Bistro

1214 U St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-2am; Fri 11am-3am; Sat 10am-3 am; Sun 10am-2 am

Only open for a month, Ulah Bistro already has fans and regulars. With cool interior, a choice of two dining areas, two bars and warm, delicious flat bread with an olive tapenade that comes complimentary, Ulah is a great addition to U Street.

At first glance of Ulah, it sorta looks like a misspelling, but owner Med Lahlou says he came up with the amalgam using the restaurant’s address and the first three letters of his last name. If the food seems similar that’s because Lahlou owns Tunnicliff's on Capitol Hill and Stoney's in Logan Circle, Ulah’s food and décor is a hip mixture of both.

Their lunch and dinner menu offers simple, fresh American dishes. Try the crab and artichoke dip as a starter, its creamy, cheesy, made with jumbo lump crab meat and pairs well with the flat bread. The Ahi Tuna Tartar is a standout dish, served with seaweed salad and a wasabi cream sauce.

Other entrees include, their brick oven pizza, grilled dijon salmon, rum glazed mijito chicken and their grilled steak and cheese with sliced marinated steak with bleu cheese, arugula on top of a baguette. Ulah boasts a great beer selection, Hoegaarden is on tap and so is Leffe Brown. Their wine selection is modest but try their red apple mijito.

U Street is changing with new bars and restaurants continuously opening, so it might be hard to try out the new spots, but Washingtonians add Ulah on your to-do list. The atmosphere is relaxing, staff is friendly and dinner for two or happy hour with your co-workers won’t break the bank. Night Owls, Ulah also offers discounted food from 11pm to close.

On your plate: Sample the appetizers. Reasonably priced with big portions. Try the calamari, mussels or bristo wings.

In your cup: Leffe Brown beer or lime mijito.

Ulah Bistro in Washington

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Diddy’s Making the Band Presents: Day 26
Date released: March 25, 2008

Ten years ago, Diddy’s record label Bad Boy was a force to be reckoned with, fast-forward to the present; Bad Boy doesn’t have the same gusto it used to have. Diddy’s latest attempt to reprise his Bad Boy empire includes his newest boy band; Day 26 of MTV’s Making the Band fame.

Created in front of the world, Day 26’s debut album is a well-groomed, decent first album. While it seems as if Diddy was trying to create another Jodeci, they don’t entirely have the same soulfulness, sexiness or swag of baby making Jodeci but they are coming into their own with their self-titled 16 track LP.

According to the show, they only had one month to make an album and if that holds true, then for only a month and being first time recording artists, Day 26 deserve praise as well as Diddy. He sure knows how to pick artists, producers, and songwriters and bring them altogether to create an album.

Bandmates, Michael, Robert, Brian, Willie and Qwanell finally sound like a group as opposed to five individual singers competing against each other as stated in the show. Backed by their first single, “Got Me Going,” produced by Mario Winans, its a fast paced cut that bumps in the club as well as in your car because it’s definitely getting a lot of radio play.

Come In (My Door’s Open) produced by The Runners is a sensual ballad that shows Day 26 trying to lure fans into their homes. “What It Feel Like,” seeks to remind the listener of the joy, passion and fun being in love brings. Known for his slow jams, Bryan Cox’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” continues the display of Day 26’s vocal range; power and how they can indeed harmoniously fuse together.

Is the album worth the purchase? Yes, if you have been a follower of the show, Making the Band. Viewers saw Robert exhibit, “Bitchassness,” Q’s and his label mate Dawn of Danity Kane’s relationship grow, the song writing sessions, studio time and concert misshapes all morph into an album that isn’t half bad. Babies just might be made.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Letter to my Girlfriends: Smells like Teen Spirit

Is it possible for men to tell if a female is in a relationship? I was told that to guys, I smell like I’m married. My first response was it is a good marriage or am I headed towards divorce? But the comment did make me wonder, do I hold my nose up with an air that says: I’m attached?

My male BFFs and I went out to eat and one of my boys was trying to holla at the waitress. I was trying to enjoy my Blue Moon but I couldn’t stop laughing at his game, although she was giggling, smiling and clearly wasn’t focusing on the rest of her tables, I thought his lines were so corny. It started was the simple hey, how you doing lines, then it went into, “ I’m doing good boo now that I saw you, you know I came into this restaurant just to see you boo.” “You’re looking good boo, do you go to gym? O, we go to the same gym, how come I never see you in your fine gym wear?” He continued with, “You know how you can make my day even better? If you give me your number.” The pretty waitress shot my homeboy down, stating that she just got out of a relationship and was taking it slow so she wasn’t given him the digits to place in his blackberry.

Their conversation continued throughout our meal, with a promise to see each other again. I thought to myself, is this what all guys say to try to pick up girls? I mean although, the waitress was laughing and smiling, I couldn’t help but think how unoriginal and cheesy his lines were. When I told him about his whack lines; he proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t know how to respond if a guy even hollered at me because I’ve been in a relationship for so long.

Sometimes I do feel as if there is a sign that glows and orbits around my head that says, “taken” but you can’t possible tell if I’m taken when I just walked into the club or I’m walking down the street. I told my homeboy I disagreed with his statement, I let him know that I wouldn’t know how to respond if the guy came to me with the same lines he given out. “Your fine gym clothes?” That statement is just laughable.

But why is it that some days, I get hollered at more than others? Does a girl who is barely 5 feet imitate guys? Maybe I don’t have a sign that travels with me but a certain savoir-faire, which may discourage guys from hollering at me. O, the woes of being a fly girl. Though, indeed I am taken, so I shouldn’t be worried about guys and their corny pick up lines but sometimes, I like to know that I still have the ability to attract guys, it’s a self-esteem thing. And I also worry about my fellow single fly girls; I would like to know that they still have dating options from guys who are truly interested in them and not using the same lines that they used on the last girl.

It’s like what Beyoncé said in her hit, “Upgrade Up U,”- “Sending me a drink ain't appeasing, Believe me, Come harder this wont be easy.” While, I’m sure my fly girls would enjoy a free martini, originality and being sincere is still the best pick up line.

Got My Drank N’ My Two Step- Drink of the Week: Sunset Martini

It’s still early in the work week so maybe you don’t need a drink just yet but as the week wears on and your boss is annoying you, your roommate is pissing you off, or your crush hasn’t said a word to you all week, you will be begging for a cocktail.

Try the Sunset Martini, it’s delicious, it looks sexy and after a couple, your week won’t look so bad after all.

Sunset Martini

3 oz Stoli Peach Vodka
2 oz Pineapple juice
1 oz Triple Sec
½ oz Grenadine syrup

Add the first three ingredients into an iced shaker. Shake to the rhythm of your favorite springtime tune. Pour Grenadine around the sides of the martini glass, and then strain the mixture into the glass. With the Grenadine on the side it gives the affect of a sunset.

Bottoms up!

Fly Girl of the Week: Charlotte Hawkins Brown (June 11,1883- January 11, 1961)

Charlotte Hawkins Brown was definitely a fly girl in her day, she was ambitious, educated and she constantly challenged the Jim Crow laws. Born on June 11,1883 in Henderson North Carolina though she grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts when her family moved in 1988. While in Cambridge, Dr. Brown attended Cambridge English High School and Salem State Normal School.

While she was a student at Salem State, Dr. Brown was offered a teaching position in the North Carolina by the American Missionary Association. Dissatisfied with the lack of educational opportunities for African Americans in the South, Hawkins accepted. The eighteen year-old returned to North Carolina in 1901 to teach rural black children at the Bethany Congregational Church in Sedalia, North Carolina. The school closed after one term, but young Dr. Brown decided to remain in the community and establish her own school.

Dr. Brown turned a pitiful church school in Sedalia, North Carolina, into the Palmer Memorial Institute founded in 1902 by much hard work and expert fundraising. Under the leadership of Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Palmer Memorial Institute became a nationally recognized and respected preparatory school for African Americans. The Institute was fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools at a time when few black high schools enjoyed this recognition.

During her 50-year presidency, over one thousand students graduated. They had gained not only a diploma but also a firm idea of their own individual worth. Dr. Brown had taught them well - they would be "educationally efficient, religiously sincere, and culturally secure."

Charlotte Hawkins Brown was a woman with pride in herself and her people. She had a deep belief in the American principles of freedom and justice for all human beings and she expressed this commitment eloquently. She succeeded in showing for the entire world to see "what a young black woman could do."

Dr. Brown died in 1961. Ten years and three administrations later Palmer closed its doors.
Along with her prestigious school, Dr. Brown’s work included a charm book for young ladies and males. Her tips would put Mo'nique’s charm school to shame, The Correct Thing To Do-To Say-To Wear was published in 1941; her book was a required reading for decades at HBCU’s and in Black homes.

The Correct Thing To Do-To Say- To Wear: “At Home Tips”:

  • Don’t save your table manners until company comes. You and your family are just as good and deserve just as much consideration as any of your friends or acquaintances.

  • Be Saving. Don’t burn lights unnecessarily. Be sure that the hot water faucet is turned odd. Don’t leave the hose on too long in the back yard. Don’t drive the automobile around the corner when you can walk. Don’t turn the radio on in the morning and let it run all day. Don’t leave the outside doors wide open when the furnace is going full blast.

  • Never permit Mother or the woman at that head of the houses to make more steps than necessary to give you service. In families where there are no maids, children may easily take turns at waiting tables.

    Her twenty-four tips for “At Meal Time” included:

  • Sit with your knees together and both feet on the floor, not on the rounds of the chair to wrapped around the legs.

  • Keep elbows and arms off the table.

  • Use the knives, forks, and spoons in the order placed. When in doubt, observe the hostess.

  • All food should be put into the mouth with the right hand.

  • Eat a little less of everything than you might. Shrink from the slightest appearance of greediness.

    “The Earmarks of a Lady,” according to Dr. Brown, a lady:

  • Passes behind people.

  • Does not chew gum in public.

  • Avoids loud and boisterous laughter and conversation.

  • Is always well groomed, appropriately dressed, scrupulously dressed clean in body and attire with hair carefully arranged.

  • Does not seek dark and secluded places in which to socialize.


    It seems that in 1941, Dr. Brown was writing the original fly girl guide!

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Fly Music: Peep 'Em

    New video from my favorite D.C. local, Raheem Devaughn! His second single from his album, Love Behind the Melody, "Customer".

    F.Y.I.-I love the model's tights! You can only be a fly girl to pull that look off, it's not for the timid!

    I love MiMi! She is so extra that you can't help but love her! Check out her remix for "Touch my Body" featuring, The Dream:

    My favorite odd couple, Gnarls Barkley! ?uestlove supposedly begged Dangermouse to release, "Who's Gonna Save my Soul" as their first single, but since they put out "Run" first, ?uestlove took it upon himself to leak my new favorite ish: "Who's Gonna Save My Soul." Check it:

    Lloyd's gotta new banger, "Girls All Around the World" featuring, Lil' Wayne. I like its old school feel.

    **What's playing? My fly song of the week, off of Miami's own, Rick Ross' newest album out tomorrow,March 11, 2008, Trilla. Maybach Music feature's two bosses, Rick Ross and Jay-Z.**

    Dru Hill Back Together

    So it's the year of the dru again. After last week's blow up slash breakup, Baltimore's own are reunited once more. Sources have confirmed that the group is back in the studio working on their album and Woody has agreed to stay in the group.
    There is still tension and Woody is set on the group making a gospel album. Sounds like another spilt is bound to happen, the blow up was real and Sisqo definitely had his thong in a bunch.

    Thursday, March 6, 2008

    Sisqo's ready to unleash the dragon!

    I'm from Baltimore, so I have to post this foolishness that is called Dru Hill. One of my favorite groups from back in the day came to Baltimore's radio station, 92Q to announce that they were getting back together. Their reunion only lasted 10 minutes! Woody realizes on-air that God was calling and he was ready for Jesus to take the wheel!

    Check the vid- it's pure comedy. The Lil' Dragon named Sisqo gets pissy and bounces from the studio. I would be mad too, Woody's messes with his money and why didn't he tell them yesterday? LOL.

    Fashionably Green

    I’m really trying to my best to go green, I would hate for my favorite seasons, Fall and Spring to disappear because of global warming, so even though I have the winter blues, I’m thinking green. And why not save the Earth? We gotta live in it!

    Check out, these über cute reusable bags to carry just about anything. Baggu- Reusable Shopping Bags ( were designed to replace paper and plastic bags (they create waste and hurt the environment!).

    Here’s why every fly girl should own a Baggu:

    • Using one Baggu for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags.

    • One Baggu holds the contents of 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags. Six bags can hold a whole cart full of groceries.

    • Baggu Bag handles are the perfect length: you can hold them in your hand, on your forearm, or over your shoulder.

    • They are made from super strong rip-stop nylon (holds 25 lbs) so they are light (2 oz) and compactible. They fold into a flat 5 by 5 inch pouch that easily slips in a purse or pocket. That way they are always handy when you need them.

    • Baggu bags have a nice big gusset in the bottom so they will sit flat when they are filled (good for eggs & milk.)

    I can so see myself walking the mean streets of Washington, DC with my Baggu filled with groceries and beer.

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    I'm longing for Spring!

    And how could I not with Mini Tube dresses, Splash Color Silk Sarongs, and 45 different color leggings at

    I recently stumbled upon this website where I can finally find quality styled leggings in any colors, cute socks in every colors and if I'm working out I don't have to sacrifice fashion because even has cute colorful sportsbras! LOL!

    Monday, March 3, 2008

    Letter to my Girlfriends: Ride or Die

    Every man wants a ride or die chick, you know, the girl who bags up the bud, pushes the weight on Greyhound and then defends him in the courtroom, all for the love of her man. Sure, it sounds thrilling and exciting when Lil’ Kim speaks on how she bagged up bricks for Biggie or when Jay-Z states his love for his thoroughness girl, his solider, Bonnie. But in the wake of recently events around me, I am seeing that love can make females do some of the most idiotic things.

    I have seen a friend who is the most outspoken person in the world, become so mum when her boyfriend speaks to her. He has called her out of her name numerous times to the point where he is verbally abusive, when he calls her a Bitch, the girl who was once outspoken and brassy never utters a response back.

    Or my other friend who takes being a ride or die chick literally, from selling drugs for her man, bagging the drugs and then harboring his actions by allowing this guy to live with her.

    Yes, we’ve all been in love before but there is a difference between being a ride or die chick to just being a silly chick in love.

    A real ride or die chick isn’t a chick at all; she’s a grown woman who understands the meaning of holding her man down while simultaneously upgrading him. A real ride or die woman understands that even if her man doesn’t have much to his name, her loyalty and faith remains. A ride or die woman is so clever that she can turn her man’s tiny apartment into a place fit for a king, she rubs his back after a long day of work and lets him know that everything will work out.

    A real ride or die woman shows her man that she is outspoken enough to go blow for blow with him, not only putting him in place if he’s stepping out of line but also showing him that she doesn’t take any lip from anyone, including him.

    The real Bonnie to a Clyde is smarter than the average; she’s the woman who helps her man become the best he possibly can be. If he’s jobless, she goes through the city paper with him, if he’s stressing about work, she becomes his biggest cheerleader and listens to him vent about his bitchy boss. Bonnie in my 22-year-old opinion is a woman who can go to war with her man and bring the big guns.

    Showing your unconditional love to someone is the best way to be a ride or die woman, but don’t fall in the category of being so crazy in love that you allow your man to step all over you. Show him your down with him by not only bringing out the best in him but showing him the best in you. The purpose of a relationship is bring out the best within each other and loving the person, flaws in all. Don’t become shadow in the relationship, stand by your man and that’s the best way for being a ride or die woman.

    Check out one of favorite cut’s from Raheem Devaughn’s, Love Behind the Melody:

    'Mo’ Better'


    At first, I wasn't going to write a disclaimer considering it's my blog, but I would like to clarify the purpose of The Fly Girl Guide.This blog to me is mixture of material, I like to read and advice that I give to others as well as myself. I've always been a writer and a magazine junkie so I'm trying to create, The Fly Girl Guide into an online magazine.
    I will state that when I refer to my friend, it does not literally mean my friends from way back or any person that you think I might be talking about. When I refer to my friends in my writing, my friend maybe an associate or someone I ran into, yet if you feel my blog is talking about you, then maybe it is, or maybe there’s so many females that can relate to my articles that you think I'm talking about you. Stop being so vain! LOL
    I do not claim to know everything, I really don't know much about anything, I'm still growing and learning everyday. But my friends always do come to me for advice, and they tell me I'm a good listener (don’t ask my boyfriend because he will tell you otherwise!) and I just may have some wise words.

    Ultimately, as I grow and learn, I’m taking notes and writing everything down which has become my blog. Let me officially welcome you to the Fly Girl Guide.


    With Love,
    Your fellow Fly Girl Carla

    OK, that's an ad for wearing your seat belt, but I thought it was funny- is that bad? I mean even the flyest girl can land on her face while she's wearing Jimmy Choos! LOL Buckle Up! It's the law!

    New Balance Ltd Sneaker Launch Party: Washinton, DC

    March 5, 2008
    New Blance Ltd Sneaker Launch Party

    Back in the day, DC helped to put New Balance brand on the map by adopting the brand as the official DC sneaker. All grey New Balances were on everyone's feet, and New Balance became "street credible" in many pockets of the world, thanks to all the DC dudes rocking them.

    Fast forward to 2008, New Balance has chosen MAJOR as one of the world's top 33 sneaker retailers to launch their 2008 Super Team 33 Sneakers. Our first offering is the 998 Luggage Pack. All shoe images can be seen here (

    The shoes are available now, but to celebrate the launch of the Super Team 33, MAJOR, in association with New Balance, is hosting a launch party at The Fly Lounge. Music will be provided DJ Underdog (Tru Skool and Co-Owner of MAJOR, and Damu The Fudgemunk of (Ttu Skool and Y-Society)

    Event Information:
    Wednesday, March 05, 20088:30 PM - 11:30 PM
    21+cover: TBD
    RSVP via email below as space is limited Contact

    Venue Information:
    Fly Lounge1802 Jefferson Pl NWWashington, DC 20036

    Get Right for Spring Break

    Spring Break is coming up and I want you have to the best vacay as possible. Here are a few tips on how to travel like a true fly girl.

    I’ll Fly Away:

    I love traveling but I do hate flying, so when I do fly I try to pack things in my carry-on that makes me happy.

    Get organized: Find a cute carry- on bag that you can stuff everything into yet will still fit in the overhead or under the seat. Group small items in Ziploc bags, I bring my favorite gum and little snacks in one, beauty products in the other, and so on. My favorite fly girl tip: pack into your carry-on what you want to wear during the day and night of your arrival. In case of lost luggage, you won’t be too pissed that you have nothing to wear, you’ll now have two options and you can always pick up accessories and make up at any local store that can hold you over until your luggage arrives.

    Sitting Pretty: The recycled air of the plane can dry out our skin and sitting cramped with only peanuts and gum to eat, I have to carry a travel brush and toothpaste so I can brush my teeth and not feel as icky when my flight lands. Skip heavy makeup on flights, mascara and a touch of concealer should do the trick, drink lots of water and carry lip balm.

    Be comfortable: Try to pack a shawl; it gets cold on the plane so use the shawl as a blanket. Never use airplane blankets, they are gross. Bring an extra shirt, in case you spill something.

    Get Distracted: I hate flying so I have to pack tons of distraction. Fill up your Ipod with relaxing music and bring books and magazines. After my trip, I hand over my mags to the flight attendants; I figure they were nice to me during my flight so I’ll be nice to them.


    If You Wanna come to my Hotel:

    Finding a hotel deal for your vacation is just as hard as shopping for the cheapest plane ticket. Though there are ways to increase your chances of scoring the perfect hotel for your trip and how to make the most of your hotel.

    Talk direct: Before booking your hotel online, call the hotel directly. The hotel staff may have specials that the online site does not know about. Also, talking to someone makes you seem more personable than just using a mouse to book the hotel, if it’s your first time in the city, let the staff know and they just might upgrade your room.

    Upon arrival: Every hotel has a section that promotes local shops, activities and things to do in the city. Use these to your advantage; I always pick up the local magazines to find the best places to eat according to reviews, the best places to pick up local jewelry and clothing. Talk to front desk, they are probably from the area and they love to talk to visitors, ask them about the nightlight and their favorite restaurants.

    Free Food: If your hotel offers a continental breakfast, try it out. After a night of partying, take advantage of the orange juice and water to get re-hydrated. I also notice when I go on vacations, I don’t stick to diets and why should I? I’m on vacation, but the free breakfast often has fresh fruits so I pick up some oranges and apples and I feel much better.

    Prior Departure: Try to talk to the hotel manager, let them know if you had a great experience with their hotel. If the staff was helpful, tell the manager. You’re goal is to build a relationship with manager so if you stay again, he or she might give you the hook up.


    You should Tip Her:

    A true fly girl knows to tip, when your on vacation the better you take care of others who provide you a service, the better they will take care of you and the better your stay will be.

    Here’s how to tip like a true fly girl:

    Note that you tip because they are providing you with a service that makes your life easier or more enjoyable. Secondly, be generous and discreet about how you tip, you’ll be remembered and welcomed back enthusiastically.

    Cash Flow:

    Step 1:First, understand your own financial situation, sure you want to be a good tipper and if someone provided you great service you’ll like to reward them but don’t break the bank if you can’t afford it.

    Step 2: Figure out what kind of service it is you're receiving. Some services should receive percentage-based tips, while others are more of a flat cost (most of the time). A car washer, coat checker or furniture movers should require a flat rate. From $2-$5 for a car washer to $10-$50 per mover. Other people like hairstylists and waiters should receive 15 percent to 20 percent, sometimes more. Pizza delivery service is usually about 10 percent, but no less than $2.

    Step 3:Use your best judgment. What's the real different between, say, 15 percent and 20 percent, when it means a matter of a dollar? Well, it says a lot to the person who you're tipping. The additional dollar (or one fewer) tells them how they're doing. You're essentially helping others' future experiences with that person. For things like babysitters, nannies or house cleaners, tip them at the end of each month at an amount you see fit. No more than one week's pay for a month of work, but the work they do is constant and not easy, so they do deserve a heftier tip. So, keep things like that in mind.

    Step 4:Be discreet. Don't flaunt how much you're tipping someone at a restaurant by living the bill in plain view. If you're paying for a household service, placing the tip in an envelope is a good idea. Basically, you want to keep the tip transaction -- good or bad -- between you and the person receiving the tip.

    No matter where your going for spring break, enjoy your trip and be safe!