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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Diddy’s Making the Band Presents: Day 26
Date released: March 25, 2008

Ten years ago, Diddy’s record label Bad Boy was a force to be reckoned with, fast-forward to the present; Bad Boy doesn’t have the same gusto it used to have. Diddy’s latest attempt to reprise his Bad Boy empire includes his newest boy band; Day 26 of MTV’s Making the Band fame.

Created in front of the world, Day 26’s debut album is a well-groomed, decent first album. While it seems as if Diddy was trying to create another Jodeci, they don’t entirely have the same soulfulness, sexiness or swag of baby making Jodeci but they are coming into their own with their self-titled 16 track LP.

According to the show, they only had one month to make an album and if that holds true, then for only a month and being first time recording artists, Day 26 deserve praise as well as Diddy. He sure knows how to pick artists, producers, and songwriters and bring them altogether to create an album.

Bandmates, Michael, Robert, Brian, Willie and Qwanell finally sound like a group as opposed to five individual singers competing against each other as stated in the show. Backed by their first single, “Got Me Going,” produced by Mario Winans, its a fast paced cut that bumps in the club as well as in your car because it’s definitely getting a lot of radio play.

Come In (My Door’s Open) produced by The Runners is a sensual ballad that shows Day 26 trying to lure fans into their homes. “What It Feel Like,” seeks to remind the listener of the joy, passion and fun being in love brings. Known for his slow jams, Bryan Cox’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” continues the display of Day 26’s vocal range; power and how they can indeed harmoniously fuse together.

Is the album worth the purchase? Yes, if you have been a follower of the show, Making the Band. Viewers saw Robert exhibit, “Bitchassness,” Q’s and his label mate Dawn of Danity Kane’s relationship grow, the song writing sessions, studio time and concert misshapes all morph into an album that isn’t half bad. Babies just might be made.

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