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Monday, March 3, 2008

Get Right for Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up and I want you have to the best vacay as possible. Here are a few tips on how to travel like a true fly girl.

I’ll Fly Away:

I love traveling but I do hate flying, so when I do fly I try to pack things in my carry-on that makes me happy.

Get organized: Find a cute carry- on bag that you can stuff everything into yet will still fit in the overhead or under the seat. Group small items in Ziploc bags, I bring my favorite gum and little snacks in one, beauty products in the other, and so on. My favorite fly girl tip: pack into your carry-on what you want to wear during the day and night of your arrival. In case of lost luggage, you won’t be too pissed that you have nothing to wear, you’ll now have two options and you can always pick up accessories and make up at any local store that can hold you over until your luggage arrives.

Sitting Pretty: The recycled air of the plane can dry out our skin and sitting cramped with only peanuts and gum to eat, I have to carry a travel brush and toothpaste so I can brush my teeth and not feel as icky when my flight lands. Skip heavy makeup on flights, mascara and a touch of concealer should do the trick, drink lots of water and carry lip balm.

Be comfortable: Try to pack a shawl; it gets cold on the plane so use the shawl as a blanket. Never use airplane blankets, they are gross. Bring an extra shirt, in case you spill something.

Get Distracted: I hate flying so I have to pack tons of distraction. Fill up your Ipod with relaxing music and bring books and magazines. After my trip, I hand over my mags to the flight attendants; I figure they were nice to me during my flight so I’ll be nice to them.


If You Wanna come to my Hotel:

Finding a hotel deal for your vacation is just as hard as shopping for the cheapest plane ticket. Though there are ways to increase your chances of scoring the perfect hotel for your trip and how to make the most of your hotel.

Talk direct: Before booking your hotel online, call the hotel directly. The hotel staff may have specials that the online site does not know about. Also, talking to someone makes you seem more personable than just using a mouse to book the hotel, if it’s your first time in the city, let the staff know and they just might upgrade your room.

Upon arrival: Every hotel has a section that promotes local shops, activities and things to do in the city. Use these to your advantage; I always pick up the local magazines to find the best places to eat according to reviews, the best places to pick up local jewelry and clothing. Talk to front desk, they are probably from the area and they love to talk to visitors, ask them about the nightlight and their favorite restaurants.

Free Food: If your hotel offers a continental breakfast, try it out. After a night of partying, take advantage of the orange juice and water to get re-hydrated. I also notice when I go on vacations, I don’t stick to diets and why should I? I’m on vacation, but the free breakfast often has fresh fruits so I pick up some oranges and apples and I feel much better.

Prior Departure: Try to talk to the hotel manager, let them know if you had a great experience with their hotel. If the staff was helpful, tell the manager. You’re goal is to build a relationship with manager so if you stay again, he or she might give you the hook up.


You should Tip Her:

A true fly girl knows to tip, when your on vacation the better you take care of others who provide you a service, the better they will take care of you and the better your stay will be.

Here’s how to tip like a true fly girl:

Note that you tip because they are providing you with a service that makes your life easier or more enjoyable. Secondly, be generous and discreet about how you tip, you’ll be remembered and welcomed back enthusiastically.

Cash Flow:

Step 1:First, understand your own financial situation, sure you want to be a good tipper and if someone provided you great service you’ll like to reward them but don’t break the bank if you can’t afford it.

Step 2: Figure out what kind of service it is you're receiving. Some services should receive percentage-based tips, while others are more of a flat cost (most of the time). A car washer, coat checker or furniture movers should require a flat rate. From $2-$5 for a car washer to $10-$50 per mover. Other people like hairstylists and waiters should receive 15 percent to 20 percent, sometimes more. Pizza delivery service is usually about 10 percent, but no less than $2.

Step 3:Use your best judgment. What's the real different between, say, 15 percent and 20 percent, when it means a matter of a dollar? Well, it says a lot to the person who you're tipping. The additional dollar (or one fewer) tells them how they're doing. You're essentially helping others' future experiences with that person. For things like babysitters, nannies or house cleaners, tip them at the end of each month at an amount you see fit. No more than one week's pay for a month of work, but the work they do is constant and not easy, so they do deserve a heftier tip. So, keep things like that in mind.

Step 4:Be discreet. Don't flaunt how much you're tipping someone at a restaurant by living the bill in plain view. If you're paying for a household service, placing the tip in an envelope is a good idea. Basically, you want to keep the tip transaction -- good or bad -- between you and the person receiving the tip.

No matter where your going for spring break, enjoy your trip and be safe!

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