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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Make-up Art Cosmetics, better known to most as M•A•C, has done it again! First, they teamed up with Heatherette, now M•A•C has possibly made the best lip-gloss for the summer.

I literally gasped when I walked to the M•A•C counter and saw, Dazzleglass. M•A•C has never been for the timid and they proved their theory with a lip-gloss that adds light and shine to bring a dimensional pop to your lips. Dazzleglass, contains these large particle pearls that reflect and refract light to mimic quartz and opal crystal. You can either wear it alone, or layer over lipstick; it also features their signature vanilla aroma.

I picked up Spanking Rich and I’m thinking about going back to grab Glamour O.D.

Got My Drink N' My Two Step: Tezón Blossom

Forget the Cherry Blossoms, try the Tezón Blossom! Making a few of these with your girlfriends, is a better idea than looking at flowers!

Pre-marinate fresh fruit pieces in lime juice and Malibu Passion Fruit Rum

2 parts Tequila Tezón Blanco
.5 part SOHO Lychee Liqueur
1 part Pomegranate Juice
1 part Orange Juice
Spoonful of Sugar

Serve over ice in a rocks glass filled with marinated fruit pieces.

Fly Girl of the Week: Annie Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869- May 10, 1957)

Born one generation away from slavery, Annie Turnbo Malone, discovered that there were few cosmetic products available for African American women. Ladies of her time, used products such as goose fat, oil and other harsh products on their hair to achieve the looks they wanted.

With a keen interest in chemistry, Malone started to experiment with concoctions of her own. Malone created a variety of hair care treatments, including the first patented hot comb, a device that is still used today. She developed a line of products called, “Poro”, a name which, means physical and spiritual growth. By 1900, Malone and her assistants were soon selling Poro, door-to-door as well as in local stores.

In 1902, she moved to St. Louis, to expand her Poro line of hair products. During the 1904 World's Fair, Malone opened a retail outlet. Visitors to St. Louis responded favorably to her products, prompting her to embark on an innovative marketing campaign aimed at distributing the product nationally. In addition to going door-to-door, she and her trained assistants traveled to black churches and community centers, providing free hair and scalp treatments. She held press conferences and advertised in black newspapers. Malone traveled throughout the South at a time of racial discrimination and violence, giving demonstrations in black churches and women's clubs. Everywhere she went, she hired and trained women to serve as local sales agents. They, in turn, recruited others. By 1910, distribution had expanded nationally.

Malone was committed to community building and social welfare. To that end she built Poro College in 1918, a complex that included her business's office, manufacturing operation, and training center as well as facilities for civic, religious, and social functions. The campus was located in St. Louis's upper-middle-class black neighborhood and served as a gathering place for the city's African Americans, who were denied access to other entertainment and hospitality venues. The complex, which was valued at more than $1 million, included classrooms, barber shops, laboratories, an auditorium, dining facilities, a theater, gymnasium, chapel, and a roof garden.

Many local and national organizations, including the National Negro Business League, were housed in the facility or used it for business functions. The training center provided cosmetology and sales training for women interested in joining the Poro agent network. It also taught students how to walk, talk, and behave in social situations. During the early 20th century, race improvement and positive self-image were seen as a way to increase social mobility. By teaching deportment, Malone believed she was helping African American women improve their standing in the community.

She is one of America's first major black philanthropists. Malone donated large sums to countless charities. At one time, it is believed that she was supporting two full-time students in every black land-grant college in the United States. She gave $25,000 to the Howard University Medical School during the 1920s that, at the time, was the largest gift the school had ever received from an African American. She also contributed to the Tuskegee Institute.

A $25,000 donation from Malone helped build the St. Louis Colored YWCA. She also contributed to several orphanages and donated the site for the St. Louis Colored Orphans' Home. She raised most of the orphanage's construction costs and served on the home's executive board from 1919 to 1943. The home was renamed the Annie Malone Children's Home in 1946. Malone also gave generously of her time in the community. She was president of the Colored Women's Federated Clubs of St. Louis, an executive committee member of the National Negro Business League and the Commission on Interracial Cooperation, an honorary member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and a lifelong Republican. She died in 1957.


A true fly girl in her own right, Malone believed in making women fabulous, one hair product at a time. I believe Malone would have loved my hair revelation, click here to read how I learned that my hair didn’t define me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hip Hop Lives! The Roots- "Rising Up" featuring Chrisette Michelle and DC's own Wale

Finally, someone else feels my pain! Who else is tired of the same songs being played on the radio? Obviously myself, The Roots, Chrisette Michelle and Wale. Check out The Roots latest video, “Rising Up"

I love Chrisette Michelle’s voice and hair! It has a feel Go-Go right? Sure, to be a hit in the District! Hotness!

Letter to my Girlfriends: Love Thyself

At the end of my shift, my co-worker was pouting around the work place. When I asked what was wrong, she sighed and said, “I’m too skinny.” I tired to stifle my laugh but my tact was not in best form that night. She continued with, “do you think I’m too skinny? I’m sick of boys saying that I have no body. I try to gain weight but no matter what I eat, I can’t gain weight.” Now, although I laughed, it wasn’t funny because she was on the verge of tears.

I replied with, “I think you look fine, I wish that my biggest problem was being too skinny.” I continued by telling my svelte co-worker that being able to eat anything without gaining weight is an exciting feat, my co-worker looked puzzled. I said, “When I eat I worry if my meal is going to create more dimples on my thighs, so I haven’t enjoyed dessert in forever. I would be very excited if I could enjoy a chocolate mousse cake after every meal.” My luckily skinny coworker stated that, although she can eat to her heart’s desire without gaining a pound, she longed for the body I had.

How often do we wish to have something that another girl has? Whether, it’s another girl’s long flowing thick hair, her almond shaped eyes, or the girl with the model strut who walks effortless down the street in her 4 inch heels as if it’s her runway, or the girl who exudes confidence or even the girl with the boyfriend? As females, there is always a girl that we wish we could become for just for a couple of hours or even a couple of days.It’s not that we are unhappy with ourselves, we just envision better versions of ourselves.

For example, I’m short (really, I’m 4’11’’) and although, I can wear heels all the time without towering over my date and I can skip lines because no one ever notices the short girl, I sometimes wish I were taller. At least, 5’8’’, I mean for one, I could model at that height and for two; I always wanted to be the girl that commanded everyone’s attention when she walked into a room. Instead, I have to find other ways to seek my own self-indulgence of attention. I have to speak a little louder to get notice and I have to dress just a little funkier to grab the attention of guys because in a sea of tall women, I feel that I get lost in the crowd as the lil’ stumpy, girl who looks 12.

What about the days when you feel un-pretty, and you notice the girl next to you in the coffee shop has gorgeous skin and you sigh because right now your skin is misbehaving. Or the girl in your class, who can give a speech in front of a group of students without breaking a sweat or stumbling over her words, as if she was born to be an orator, while you shook uncontrollably throughout your speech.

Those days, I wish I had magical powers where I could pick and choose others’ assets and add them to myself. After hours of self-loathing, I realize that everything, I am not makes me everything I am. If I could Harry Potter every aspect of myself, then how could I possible be unique? When I walk into a room everyone will not notice me, but if they hang around the hors d'oeuvre, they will notice and remember my crazy water cooler talk, so what I lack in height, I make up with coolness and wit. If I was 5’8’’, then would I still be stylish? I would probably not wear my funky BCBG heels because then I would tower over guys. And no more line skipping for me, I would always have to stay in the back of the line because everyone would notice my 5'8'' self trying to skip the line.

Loving yourself is the best quality, a girl could ever have. Learn to embrace every curve; your thin but healthy hair and your skin that sometimes does not agree with you but constantly glows. You’ll realize that your confidence in being the best you, makes you the girl that others wish they could become.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loving Our City, Loving Ourselves Presents:

The 3rd Annul Pleasant Plains Fair
For Community Empowerment!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

600 block of Greshman, NW
Between 4th Street and Georgia Ave.

Free Food
Free Music
Anonymous HIV/AIDS Testing
Free Health and environmental info and resources
Employment information and opportunities
Moon Bounce
Raffle Prizes
Face Painting

Global Youth Service Day and Neighborhood Beautification Project starts at 9:30am!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shop It To Me

I’m always looking for a bargain or a sale, and I came across, the newest shopping search engine, Shop It To Me, allows female fashionistas on a budget to receive, “sale mail” daily, or weekly. Just sign up for a free account, select your favorite designers, set your price caps, pick your sizes, and how often you wish to receive notifications. It’s a very simple process and Shop It To Me, e-mails you with sales on the favorite clothes you want but don’t really have the time to look for.

After signing up, my first email was filled with great deals on everything from Juicy Couture to Tracy Reese.

P.S.- I selected dozens of designers to get all the sales, but the emails aren’t overwhelming, they look great and are very organized.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fly Girl of the Week: Janet Collins (March 7, 1917 - May 28, 2003)

A girl who doesn’t compromise her morals and her beliefs makes them truly a fly girl. Janet Collins is billed as the first African American prima ballerina. Born in New Orleans in 1917, Collins studied toe dancing since the age of 10.

“You would make a wonderful character,” said the choreographer of the Ballet Russa de Monte Carlo, to the ambitious teenager. “The only trouble is,” the choreographer continued, “in order for you to belong to the company, I would have to paint you white. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”

“No, I wouldn’t want that,” was Collins response to her Monsieur choreographer. Collins was so talented and skilled that others would want the very fair-skinned Collins, in her natural beautiful color. Trained in modern dance and ballet, Collins gained popularity as a theater and concert performer, in the 1940s she appeared in the Hall Johnson’s Run, Little Chillun and studied under Katherine (Queen Mother of Black Dance) Dunham.

In 1951, she became the first Black artist to perform on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House. Starring in the production of Cole Porter's Out of This World, Collins won the Donaldson Award, signifying the best dancer on Broadway. She remained with the Met until 1954, dancing in Carmen, Aida, La Gioconda and Samson and Delilah, after which she toured the United States and Canada in solo dance concerts. She retired and resided in Seattle, Ms. Janet Collins died in June 2003 in Forth Worth, Texas.

“Seldom indeed is anyone able to convey meaning and mood as does Miss Collins," said the Los Angeles Daily News, "for not only is her pantomime telling, her grace matchless, but she has the rare talent, even in her almost stylized numbers, of reaching out to her audience and making them share emotions that her characters are portraying.”

Got My Drink N' My Two Step: Caribbean Chat

So, Spring showers bring May flowers but the showers are putting me in a dismal mood. If your feeling gloomy as well, try the Caribbean Chat. Your guaranteed to feel like your walking on sunshine.

1 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
1/2 oz White Creme de Cacao
Splash of Orange Juice
Splash of Club Soda

Pour the rum, creme de cacao and orange juice into a highball glass filled with ice cubes.
Stir well, add club soda, stir again gently, and serve.

Artist Spotlight: Jazmine Sullivan

Yum! Like a slip of freshly brewed iced tea, sweeten just right, it’s refreshing to hear a different voice in the sugary saturated music industry. Jazmine Sullivan is posed as 20-year-old musical prodigy and accomplished singer/songwriter. She has been in the industry for nine years and with accolades from some of music’s top artists such as Stevie Wonder, Fantasia, Omarion, Faith Evans, Monica and Missy Elliott all who have all praised her as a legend in the making.

Check out her newest song, “I Need You Bad” produced by Missy Elliot:

Fresh- isn't it?

And you thought Beyonce killed the song,“Resentment ” (off of her B-Day album) hear Jazzy’s version:

Can’t wait for her album to drop, it’s going to be fierce!

Check out her myspace page to learn more about Ms. Jazmine Sullivan!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mimi’s Back! E=MC2

It’s like watching history in the making; everyone’s experiencing a musical revolution. R&B superstar, Mariah Carey has hit after hit, and her lasted LP, E=MC2 is a reminder of how gifted she is and that she has nothing left to prove.

E=MC2 showcases Mimi having fun and that she has come to the realization that everything she went through has made her who she is today. She gets raw and emotional on tracks, thus E=MC2 is a true testament of Albert Einstein’s theory, energy can be turned into matter, having fun energy on this album while still singing about her life experiences that matter.

At times, E=MC2 comes off too formulaic, as if Carey downplays her vocals by just guiding over the beat. Though the beats go hard, Carey worked with powerhouse producers: Jermaine Dupri, Tricky Stewart, Bryan Michael Cox and Will. I. Am. Mimi goes from pop princess to hip- hop diva on this album. And there are the famous gospel formula songs that Carey’s known for, “I Wish You Well” showcases Carey’s classic eight-octave range and her signature high notes that separate her from the rest.

“ That Chick” is a stand out hit, which gives an old school, Michael Jackson, “Rock With You”, Studio 54 vibe, the Damian Marley featured, “Cruise Control” has a summer feel and Carey displays her inner island girl. “Side Effects (featuring Young Jeezy)” produced by Scott Storch is arguably the most honest track. Carey sings about how marriage to Tommy Mottola was so disastrous that she often dreamed about being kidnapped to escape her marriage. Although her marriage didn’t work, Mimi isn’t a scorn artist, Carey sings as if she is still a hopeless romantic, “I Stay in Love With You,” is in remembrance of a love lost and “Love Story” sets to bring memories of a relationship that everyone was against yet the love prevails.

E=MC2 is Mariah Carey at her best, having fun, with catchy hooks, a hip-hop groove and undefined emotion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Barack Obama is a Jay-Z fan! Brushing off his political haters!

A video has been floating around the World Wide Web, showing Obama brushing the dirt off his shoulders (the hate from his opponents) at a recent speech. This comes after he said he's a Jay-Z fan:

Yes, We Can!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Got My Drink N’ My Two Step: Skinny Girl Margarita

“ I feel like my ankles are swelling and I’m bloated thinking about it.”

OK, I’ll admit that I watch Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York. I’m torn between which housewife, I like the most, Bethenny or Alex. I think I’m lending towards, celebrity natural food chef, Bethenny because she bakes and cooks, and makes drinks to help maintain my figure. Try her Skinny Girl Margarita, she makes the drink to cut down on your salt and sugar intake.

Skinny Girl Margarita

Clear tequila- 4 counts per drink
4 limes wedges or fresh lime juice
A splash of triple sec.

Watch Bethenny explain exactly how to drink yourself skinny!

Cork DC

As an aspiring wine connoisseur (or maybe just a fancy name for a lush), I had to try out the wine bar, Cork. Located at 1720 14th Street between streets, R and S, Cork is a perfect spot for after work, pre-theater or a celebration with the girls. It fits perfectly within the U street corridor, as it’s a nice trendy addition.

The décor of exposed brick gives an industrial feel, which makes Cork seem like an experience; you’re taking a wine adventure, vineyard not included. The wine bar is not intimidating, the bartenders are friendly and the menu already states which wines pairs well with their entrees. The servers and staff graciously ask questions so they can best serve the wine novice or a wine enthusiast.

The restaurant’s wine menu focuses on wines from France and Italy, and it’s meant to expose people to new things. With such an extensive list of wines, one should check the blackboard listings of the four categories of wine served by flights, which is a sampling of three two-ounce tastes of sparkling wines, chenin blancs, cabernet francs and grenaches..

The food at Cork is just as selective yet delicious as their wine, with cold and warm entrees that are meant to be shared while slipping a glass of Colutta Pinot Grigio Del Colli Orientali or Albert Mann, Pinot Blanc with the Rosemary Chicken Liver Brushetta, topped with a shallot marmalade and a herb salad. The average calamari is upgraded with lemon pepper seasoning and a blend of rock shrimp, that pairs well with the caper remoulade.

Cork gets crowded, for the best experience come straight after work at 5 or late evening to try their Lizzy's Goat Cheese Cake and a dessert wine.

On your plate: Start with Cork’s House-Marinated Olives and their House-Roasted Marinated Peppers. For the adventurous eater, try the Rosemary Chicken Liver Bruschetta and the Sautéed Wild Mushrooms with madeira and marjoram.

In your wine glass: Cork’s wine lists host’s 40 wines by the glass, and around 130 by the bottle.

Cork is located at 1720 14th Street, NW just south of the U Street Corridor

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Wednesday: 5:00 p.m.-Midnight (kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.)
Thursday-Saturday: 5:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. (kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.)
Sunday: 5:00 p.m.-Midnight (kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m.)
Closed Monday

Cork Wine Bar in Washington

Monday, April 7, 2008

Got My Drink N' My Two Step- Drink of the Week: Strawberry Stripper

This drink will make you feel as if your on a beach, soaking some rays (while wearing sunscreen of course!) and the sand is between your toes.

Strawberry Stripper

1 oz Strawberry Schnapps
5 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Lemon-Lime Soda
1 Splash Grenadine

Serve over ice in a highball adding the grenadine last.

Fly Girl of the Week:Namoi Sims (May 30,1949-)

Fly girl, Naomi Sims made her mark as the first Black model to gain world wide recognition in the Sixties. Naomi rocketed to the top of the fashion world when she broke the color barrier in modeling and was emulated by Black women everywhere.

When, in the late 1960's, Naomi Sim's face graced the cover of the New York Times magazine supplement, Fashion of the Times, African American women rejoiced, especially those of a darker skin tone, because Sims unlike models Dorothea Towles and Donyale Luna, wasn't light-skinned.

Naomi Sim's was featured on the covers and inside numerous top magazines such as Vouge, Ladies Home Journal, Life , Cosmopolitan, who before her had given no evidence that they thought Black was beautiful.

She is the author of five books on health, beauty and success for the Black woman. Such writings have earned her the reputation as the foremost expert on health and beauty for the Black woman.

Born in Oxford, Mississippi and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology and New York University. In 1976, she launched the Naomi Sims Collection sold in department stores and specialty stores. The Naomi Sims Collection has since expanded to include skin care, hair care and cosmetics for the Black woman.

" Each of us has been provided with the raw elements of beauty. Elegance, grace, refinement, confidence, style, and cordiality are well within the grasp of every Black woman; these are the elements of which beauty is made-not a well-turned nose. A healthy body and mind are the first prerequisites; then and only then can we consider the aspects of cosmetic beauty. If you remember only one thing from this book, I want it to be the necessity for regular medical examinations to prevent and control illness, not how to apply lip gloss. Without health, there can be no beauty." - Taken from the second edition of All About Health and Beauty for the Black Woman (1986) by Naomi Sims.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ho on the Go kit!

Found on, Ho on the Go kit, is for those fly girls who just can't make it home. Equipped with a thong, a toothbrush and toothpaste, moist towelette and two condoms. Fly girls should always carry protection! This kit would be prefect if it included a mask for your walk of shame.

You don't have to be a big slut to love the kit, keep Ho on the Go at the gym, or in your big tote for that time of the month.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Shecky's Girls Night Out: Fashion. Drinks. Fun.

DC fashionistas, Shecky's Girls Night Out is back! Returning to DC on April 15th-17th from 5pm to 10pm at the Dar Constitution Hall, Shecky's brings over 50 fierce brands in their fashion & accessories pavilion.

The deluxe goody bag tickets are still available for $25 bucks. Shecky's provides the greatest shopping experience with complimentary cocktails for the entire 5 hours of shopping. Free martinis and the latest fashions with your BFFs, is there a better girl's night out?

Get your girls together and head over to, to purchase tickets! I will definitely be in attendence! See you there!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stiletto, pumps in the club! Or just stuck in a crack in the street!

Fashionistas, how many stiletto heels have been eaten by the cobble of the streets, the cracks in the cement or the ridge of the escalator? Smart Heel has the best solution for your $300 pumps. After splurging on a very expensive pair of high-heeled shoes and destroying them in the crack of a sidewalk only moments after stepping outside, Stacie Urbach, searched exhaustively for a product that would prevent such a mishap from ever occurring again. When she failed to find anything remotely similar to what she was envisioning, she remembered the advice her parents had instilled in her, “If you want something but you can’t find it, make it,” and she set out to do just that. A quick, clear, clever cover for stilettos, Smart Heel protectors slide on to keep your heels safe, and slide off fast when you reach your destination.

Check the video below to see exactly how, Smart Heel works:

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw

When Sex and the City was still on TV, viewers would watch and say, “Wow, I’m such a Carrie!” or “Gosh, I’m acting like Samantha right now!” For those who still believe they are characters from Sex and the City, your silly thinking could win you a trip to NYC to attend the Sex and the City movie premier.

Bag Borrow or Steal is launching the Style Profile You Tube contest - all you have to do is submit a video explaining which Sex and the City character's style resembles your own the most, as represented through the character's handbags. If your already toting a Chanel bag, then half the work is done.

You can submit videos until May 9th!