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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stiletto, pumps in the club! Or just stuck in a crack in the street!

Fashionistas, how many stiletto heels have been eaten by the cobble of the streets, the cracks in the cement or the ridge of the escalator? Smart Heel has the best solution for your $300 pumps. After splurging on a very expensive pair of high-heeled shoes and destroying them in the crack of a sidewalk only moments after stepping outside, Stacie Urbach, searched exhaustively for a product that would prevent such a mishap from ever occurring again. When she failed to find anything remotely similar to what she was envisioning, she remembered the advice her parents had instilled in her, “If you want something but you can’t find it, make it,” and she set out to do just that. A quick, clear, clever cover for stilettos, Smart Heel protectors slide on to keep your heels safe, and slide off fast when you reach your destination.

Check the video below to see exactly how, Smart Heel works:

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