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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mimi’s Back! E=MC2

It’s like watching history in the making; everyone’s experiencing a musical revolution. R&B superstar, Mariah Carey has hit after hit, and her lasted LP, E=MC2 is a reminder of how gifted she is and that she has nothing left to prove.

E=MC2 showcases Mimi having fun and that she has come to the realization that everything she went through has made her who she is today. She gets raw and emotional on tracks, thus E=MC2 is a true testament of Albert Einstein’s theory, energy can be turned into matter, having fun energy on this album while still singing about her life experiences that matter.

At times, E=MC2 comes off too formulaic, as if Carey downplays her vocals by just guiding over the beat. Though the beats go hard, Carey worked with powerhouse producers: Jermaine Dupri, Tricky Stewart, Bryan Michael Cox and Will. I. Am. Mimi goes from pop princess to hip- hop diva on this album. And there are the famous gospel formula songs that Carey’s known for, “I Wish You Well” showcases Carey’s classic eight-octave range and her signature high notes that separate her from the rest.

“ That Chick” is a stand out hit, which gives an old school, Michael Jackson, “Rock With You”, Studio 54 vibe, the Damian Marley featured, “Cruise Control” has a summer feel and Carey displays her inner island girl. “Side Effects (featuring Young Jeezy)” produced by Scott Storch is arguably the most honest track. Carey sings about how marriage to Tommy Mottola was so disastrous that she often dreamed about being kidnapped to escape her marriage. Although her marriage didn’t work, Mimi isn’t a scorn artist, Carey sings as if she is still a hopeless romantic, “I Stay in Love With You,” is in remembrance of a love lost and “Love Story” sets to bring memories of a relationship that everyone was against yet the love prevails.

E=MC2 is Mariah Carey at her best, having fun, with catchy hooks, a hip-hop groove and undefined emotion.

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