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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fly Music: Electrik Red's 'How To Be A Lady Volume 1'

Remember Prince’s girl group, Vanity 6? Electrik Red might just be the 2009 version of them. Not the best vocals but combine, flair, funk, sex appeal and raunchiness, you have Electrik Red.

In a male dominated industry, where men boast of ass and titties, how many bad women they laid, sometimes the female power is strained. Not with Electrik Red, they remind you that the power is in the p-u-s-s-y. Electrik Red’s members Naomi Allen, Lesley Lewis, Kyndra ‘Binkie’ Reevey, and Sarah Rosete offer sassy, in your face attitude over layered composition, in their debut album, How To Be A Lady, Volume 1. The-Dream and his partner, Tricky Stewart, wrote and produced the entire album, which means eccentric beats and catchy melodies.

Lady is filled with likable hooks, 808s, and opinionated lyrics that explain exactly how to sex a man, how a man should treat a woman, and that “W.F.Y.” The album starts with the confident, “Muah” continues with their Lil’ Wayne featured track, “So Good” and switches gears to the slow, “Devotion” and “Freaky Friday.” In “P is for Power” the quartet, sings that you’re not getting no “P, unless your buying, or Jay or Wayne” and Binkie raps that her “P” is better than what you’re used to.

In this pop/R&B, girl power, debut album, Electrik Red is a sexy treat for the summer. Though they sing about being more of freak in the bed and less of a lady in the streets, there is no confusion that their debut is Electrick.

Electrick Red's debut hit stores today!

Track listing for How To Be A Lady, Volume 1

"So Good"
"Freaky Freaky"
"Bed Rest
"P is for Power"
"9 To 5"
"On Point"
"Drink in my Cup"
"Go Shawty"
"Kill Bill"

Check out, the "W.F.Y." remix with Luda. Haha, I agree with the song, don't be confused boys, "W.F.Y."

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