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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama

I am overwhelmed with emotion after witnessing, the educated, eloquent orator and suave, Barack Obama become President of these United States of America.

I had a conversation with my 62-year-old father yesterday that replays in my mind. While having breakfast, I was telling him how November 4 was taking so long to come, any other week, the days in my life just mesh together, yet Tuesday, November 4, 2008 seemed to creep very slowly. He replies, “Carla, you’re 23-years young and you’ve experiencing Obama become President, there are people who are my age and older who never thought we would see a Black man become President.”

I had to agree and understand how privilege I am to be able to see Barack Obama become President while being so young. To still be in my prime and see how a Black man can overcome adversity, speak with such pose and confidence and to see Obama kiss his beautiful Black wife and mother of his daughters is a privilege.

Yesterday, I was filled with so much anxiety that I could not sleep Monday night, the anxiety continued until Barack Obama won the Presidency. I took a slip of champagne, while tearing up and screaming for joy. What a joyous feeling it was, to be in the company of White and Black people celebrating a change that we can believe in, it was remarkable.

Today, feels like an early New Year’s Day. Although I woke up with no voice and slight veisalgia, I have pep in my step and I feel refreshed and renewed. I can honestly say that all things are possible with hard work, dedication and confidence. Always a go-getter, I feel even more empowered to accomplish my goals because President Barack Obama not only inspires change, he inspires me.

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