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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spinlash Mascara

For the gadget fly girl, try Spinlash Mascara ($14.99 Do you have trouble trying to get your lashes to look long and defined? Spinlash Mascara states that instead of applying mascara to messy, naturally disorganized lashes, for the first time, you can simultaneously separate organize, shape, coat, lengthen and volumize your eyelashes.

Spinlash looks like a bulky mascara tube but it works wonders. The wand is motorized with a synthetic brush that rotates in two directions and with a stabilizing trunk you control the brush movement to revolve on a consistent axis. If your afraid of something motorized being too close to your eyes, there is a hidden clutch that responds to pressure.

The mascara is hypoallergenic, suitable for contact wears, removes easily with soap and water and is not tested on animals. Spinlash is a new alternative to traditional mascara; it quickly changes the length, shape and volume of your lashes with just a push of a button.

Check out Spinlash in action:

Is it worth the price tag of $ 14.99? Yes! It cuts down on your primping time, you will be amazed how you don't really need more than one coat of mascara when your lashes are totally separated.

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