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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FROLIC Headwear!

Fall headfirst into FROLIC- Whimsical Headwear. Caroline Weaver, 17-year-old creator and imaginer of FROLIC is just a small town girl with big dreams. After searching for original and fabulous hair accessories in Minetta, Ohio, Weaver took matters into her own hands by literally creating headbands with vintage fabrics, silks and wools. Made to be worn by confident fashionistas, FROLIC breaths life into the average headband.

The craftsmanship of such a simple accessory is impressive. One can definitely tell that these one of a kind headbands are made with love and care. Though they are not made for the timid; it’s kinda of hard to pull off a bright colored band with a Minnie Mouse bow attached but when worn with poise and a coordinated outfit, the effect looks effortless chic.

Support Weaver’s mission to bring whimsy back to fashion! Click here to shop: FROLIC.

I can’t wait for Fall to showoff my FROLIC headbands, how cool is an accesory that inspires adventure, optimism and confidence?

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