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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair Rules: Hair Care and Styling Solutions for a Multi-textural World

As I search for the latest beauty products, I stumbled across Hair Rules! Famed celebrity stylist, Anthony Dickey, author of Hair Rules, just expanded his hair care knowledge from the bookstore to the beauty supple store. The recently released Hair Rules line does wonders for curly, wavy and kinky hair.

Dickey states, "Typically, products geared to the kinkiest of textured hair have been relegated to their own special section in the drugstore aisle and can be boiled down to two types: those that chemically alter the hair and those that try to tame it with greasy or waxy ingredients. And the products marketed to non-kinky curly hair don't fare much better; many of them cause extreme dehydration, these products reflect a one-dimensional approach to kinky, curly and wavy hair, and none of them address the multiple textures of an ethnically diverse world."

Hair Rules is dedicated to helping fly girls get the best out of their curls and kinks without mega breakage. (The line can also be used on relaxed or straight hair). Try the Aloe Grapefruit Clarifying shampoo, which gently removes product buildup and environmental residue from scalp and hair and restores movement and shine. This formula combines soothing aloe with clarifying grapefruit and mild cleansers to clarify and decongest hair, without stripping the scalp of natural oils.

The product, Curly Whip contains a protein-enriched formula that tames frizz and protects curls from humidity, keeping them soft, supple and shiny. It controls and defines wiry curls without crunch, infusing them with essential moisture. Recommended for: coarse, wiry, thick, ropy curls and spirals and its great for twists, locks, braids, coiling, texturizers (and silkeners).

The Kinky Curling Cream, is an amazing, ultra-moisturizing curling cream that transforms spongy 'fro and kinks into bouncy, luscious spirals, simply and effortlessly. It stretches and defines tightly wound tresses without chemical or thermal manipulation and eliminates shrinkage and banishes frizz in a single step for wash-and-go results.

Though I have relaxed hair, I still found a new hair care line in Hair Rules. I love the Daily Cleaning Cream moisture-rich no-suds shampoo. It really provided an entirely new cleaning experience; this no-suds creamy shampoo was extremely hydrating and left my hair so soft. It’s especially formulated for dry, coarse, over-processed and heat-styled hair, which is just what I was looking for a shampoo, since I have short hair; I’m constantly applying heat to my hair.

I also tired the Quench Deep Conditioner, which is a daily, ultra-rich conditioning and softening treatment that promotes suppleness, manageability and shine in parched, spongy, frizzy and lackluster hair. It smells so good because it’s formulated with honey, super-conditioning shea butter, coconut and olive oils, with extracts of avocado and jojoba to keep kinky, curly and wavy hair healthy and lustrous.

Fly Girls, if you’re looking for a new hair care line that actually understands your texture, try Hair Rules. Find Hair Rules here: Hair Rules

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