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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fly Song of the Week: "Can't Find the Words" by Karina

Karina is a fly girl. Signed to Def Jam at 16, she is already being compared to Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Aaliyah. With more musical moxy than most sixteen- year -olds, Karina Pasian has constructed one of the finest debut discs in years. Not to mention she worked with awesome producers such as The Dream and Tricky Stewart.

Her first single, “16 @ War” was an honest statement about the disrespect young urban girls face from their male counterparts and the lack of self love. Produced and written by Carlos McKinney, the sing-songy "Can't Find the Words" embraces elements of jazz and pop while simultaneously creating a whimsical track that sounds like nothing else of the radio. Additionally, Karina's favorite song "Winner," which highlights her elegant piano (her light touch on the keyboard reminds one of Erroll Garner) playing, is laidback and uplifting.

Her album, First Love drops today, let’s hope Def Jam gives this fresh talent the props she deserves.

“Can’t Find the Words” is playing right now.

Peep her myspace:

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