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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fly Music: Maxwell’s ‘BLACKsummer’s night’ Review

Not many artists can take almost a decade hiatus and than come back to fans with open arms. Maxwell is lucky. His fans have eagerly awaited his return and he delivers with his fourth studio album, BLACKsummer’s night and the first installment of a trilogy.

Maxwell is successful because his voice and music are timeless. Maxwell’s music always had a very grown up feel to me. His songs made me want to by -pass puppy love and get right into the thick of love. His songs content and voice are unmatched quality.

And with BLACKsummer’s night, Maxwell proves that it quality over quantity. This nine-track album features classic Maxwell and jams that will groove any summer night. It’s his creamy falsetto, the prefect balance of instruments and voice, along with his deep tones that carry bravado that makes BLACKsummer’s night.

Each track contains mystery and you won’t be able to comprehend the meaning of the song, unless you play the track all the way thru. The beginning ballad, “Bad Habits,” starts slow and sexy, and then progresses with bass and funk. “Cold,” is a horn infused track where Maxwell explains that some women are just cold -hearted, but he does with it a cool jazz feel.

The lead single, “Pretty Wings,” begins with Asian chimes and speaks of a love lost. Drums lead, “Help Somebody,” and Maxwell explores the joy of being unselfish and leading a helping hand.

The album continues with sexiness.

“Love You”
Sometimes you can have to write a song with bongos and a keyboard, to come to terms that you really do love your woman.

“Fistful of Tears”
This song contains that grown up- right in the thick of love feeling. Maxwell has this awesome talent of visual wordplay. His voice against the piano and the lyrics debating if he should stay in a relationship or leave it behind, tugs on your heartstrings.

“Playing Possum”
This somber track has the crooner begging his lady to try to relinquish the games.

“Phoenix Rise”
Maxwell ends his album not with his signature ballad but with an up-tempo, euro-pop electronica track.

With his delicate voice, smart song arrangement and his talent for writing, the Maxwell drought is over and it once you get pass the number of songs on BLACKsummer’s night, you’ll see it was worth the wait.

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