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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fly Fashion: The Stash Consignment

Fly Girls, it is not impossible to own a Hervé Leger Bandage Dress. After seeing Rihanna, Dawn, Cassie and everyone else in Hervé’s form fitting dresses and skirts, I truly felt like I needed to have one...until I saw the price tag.

But with The Stash Consignment, it’s possible. The Stash Consignment is the brainchild of Élan Barish. The Stash is a personalized consignment service creating the corridor between luxury and affordability. Her idea is ingenious. It’s like raiding your very rich and very stylish best friend’s closet.

The Stash brings designer threads and marks them down to seventy-five percent or more off the original price. Since, it’s a consignment shop, the items are gently used but Barish only sells clothing, shoes and bags in excellent condition, and some of her items are still new with tags!

Right now, The Stash shop contains, Louis Vuitton Brown Snakeskin Thongs (brand new and for $150!), Emilio Pucci Iconic Print Cotton Pants, a Yves Saint Laurent Stretch Denim Safari Jacket, Marc Jacobs booties and more!

Check out The Stash Consignment, because even in this recession, you should stay fly. Floss on your off day!

Now, only if I wore an extra small, I could have my very own, Hervé Leger.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. I love the LV sandles. The price point is awesome. Thanks for letting me know about The Stash Carla!

huhotstuff said...

my body needs serious work to wear those dresses. lol. rihanna looks nice in hers.

Marjorie C. Lawrence said...

The dress are looking amazing and pretty. I like such fashionable dress, specially mini skirts is my favorite. I love the dress to wear normally. Thank you very much for sharing such a post.