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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fly Music: Jeremih’s Self-Titled Album Review

My roommates put me on to Jeremih, whenever they threw a party at the crib (which happened like, every other day), they would play, “Birthday Sex” and the party would get hyped. While, I tried to get my beauty rest, I found myself singing along to this infectious song. I had to inquire who sung this catchy tune that had me yearning for my birthday to quickly approach, cause there ain’t nothing like b-day sex.

I then researched this young cat from the Go named Jeremih and realized that he had serious potential. With leaked tracks floating around the net, I never saw him as a one-hit-wonder, though others did.

With his self-titled debut album, it’s as if Jeremih is determined to prove to the haters that he does have staying power. His album features no one and the entire album is produced by up-and-comer Mick Schultz, making Jeremih and Schultz’s partnership a younger version of The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. Though he is no The-Dream, calling him a Dream-in-training wouldn’t be unrealistic.

The boy knows a great formula for a hit and stays within that lane, for example, “That Body” is reminiscent of “Birthday Sex” and “Raindrops” is the new the “Birthday Sex.” The album is a mixture of Pop (“Buh-Bye”, “Jumpin’”, “Hatin’ On Me”) and R&B, that it feels very much like, Ne-Yo’s Year of the Gentleman, he even displays some of Ne-Yo’s storytelling abilities on the track, “Starting All Over.” However, he doesn’t quite have the maturity of Ne-Yo just yet, especially with songs such as, “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)" and “My Ride.”

If Jeremih continues his formula, makes smart decisions, he has a very bright future in R&B.

Track List:

1. That Body
2. Birthday Sex
3. Break Up To Make Up
4. Runway
5. Raindrops
6. Starting All Over
7. Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
8. Jumpin
9. Hatin’ On Me
10. My Sunshine
11. My Ride
12. Buh Bye
13. BONUS - Birthday Sex (Up-tempo)

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