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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fly Music: Pleasure P's ' The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper' Album Review

There comes a time in every man’s life, when they have to get their grown man on and Pleasure P realized that although he had much success with his group, Pretty Ricky, it was time to part ways. So no more, shiny suits, gyrating hips, and red Speedos, Pleasure P is reintroducing himself on his solo debut album, The Introduction Of Marcus Copper.

Marcus Copper is more refined, mature, and smooth compared to his image in Pretty Ricky. The album speaks on love, relationships, overcoming obstacles and of course, sex. But not in a Pretty Ricky way, Mr. Cooper knows how to please a girl, knows wifey material and understands the strife of being successful.

The album starts with “I’m A Beast,” an entertaining track that screams single status. With an assist from Yung Joc, Pleasure P sings about his skills as a lover over a two-step inducing synthesized beat.

The album continues with P trying to lock down the object of his affection on, “Tender Roni,” and P’s vocals shine over the mid-tempo track. “Under” is the album’s third single, and is another slow jam that showcases P’s softer side and a falsetto that is almost flawless. “Fire Lovin’” is reminiscent of Pretty Ricky, “Your Love” samples “Encore” by Cheryl Lynn and does a great job of not ruining the original. Of course, the radio loves, “Boyfriend #2” and his first single, “Did You Wrong.”

Towards the end of the album, P channels Ne-Yo in the song, “Illusion” and speaks of living out your dreams on, “Dream In The Air.”

His debut album is filled with good production from Static Major (RIP), and Rico Love, and creative songwriting that allows Pleasure P to showcases his voice with defined execution. Though some songs sound alike and the content isn’t extremely deep, “Marcus Cooper” is an ambitious attempt to claim a place in the industry. The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper is impressive.

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