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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fly Fashion: Cut It Out! Apparel

I’m all for anything that empowers women, promotes healthy self-esteem and reminds us that we all have inner glory and we demand respect.

Cut It Out! Apparel is a Brooklyn, NYC based clothing line that embraces music, fashion and features tee shirts with positive messages. The Cut It Out! designers believe that women should assert their inner strengths and explore their individuality.

Their shirts are adored with sayings such as, “Destroying Stereotypes”, “Demand Respect”, and “Game Over.”

Positive messages for females are always needed and the Cut It Out! crew can specialize your shirt or shirt dress with custom cutting.

My favorite shirt of the collection:

Sometimes, to show people who you are, you’ve got to show them who you’re not!

"These stylish tees are definitely a perfect way to get your point across to those fellas, who just don’t quite know the right way to get your attention."

Check out Cut It Out! Apparel here, they have an ill sale right now! Selected tees are only 10 bucks!

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