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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lancôme is Pink Irreverence

I was walking thru Macy’s on a mission to buy some new eye shadow from the MAC counter but as I past the Lancôme counter, something caught my eye. Lancôme has a new collection, that is, dare I say- edgy. I’ve never seen edgy from Lancôme, as avid fan of Juicy Tube, Lancôme was always the go to counter for classic, golden-rose stamped iconic products.

So when I saw black nail polish with sliver sparkers, I was shocked. Low and behold, Lancôme has a new artistic director, Aaron De May, who is pushing the envelope with his designs. His first collection entitled, Pink Irreverence is filled with girlie punkish products, such as the Irreverent Madame Pink Palette, which creates a pink smoky eye, and color fever lip plumper in Rose Punk.

This is the new Lancôme woman who all about being irreverent, free-spirited, audacious and spontaneous. The Pink Irreverence collection takes the most feminine color statement twisted with punkish freedom. The makeup look is edgy, wearable colors that you can layer to play up the drama or bring down to an everyday look.

De May thoughts on his new collection? “It’s not about me telling women what to put on their face or when,” he says. “It’s about setting them free to play.”

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