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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fly Fashion: Topshop opens first store in the US

Urghh, days like April 2, 2009 make me wish I lived in NYC! One of my favorite websites, Topshop (a British chain of clothing stores that operates in over 100 countries that includes the United Kingdom as well as Ireland) is opening its first flagship store in the states and of course it’s in New York.

Topshop boast very high-end fashion at affordable prices, they take designer-look-a- like pieces and make them cost friendly, which makes me a very happy girl and a huge fan of Topshop.

The new store will mock the London outlet by including a one-stop hair salon, and a one-hour tailoring service. The New York store will be the brand's second largest store after the company's flagship store in London, the store will be roughly 60,000 square feet.

On opening day at Topshop, fly ladies can enjoy complientary beauty treatments, sweet treats, a DJ, and you can view the Kate Moss collection first hand.

I am truly considering taking a day trip to NY, to partake in the opening of Topshop.

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