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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Artist Spotlight: "The Death of Adam" Interview with 88- Keys

No, that's not Kanye! It's 88- Keys at the Dilated People's Concert in Baltimore!

88- Keys may be well known behind the scenes but he is now trying to make movements from just being a producer-to-producer slash MC. While he has made hits for everyone from Talib Kweli, Mos Def and The Pharcyde, 88 Keys’ own album, “The Death of Adam” is a concept record about the female genital. “ When I thought about concepts for the album I started with things I love. I love clothes especially; Polo Purple Label and I love women. How about I make an album about pussy?” Sounds explicit 88 –Keys. He rebuts by saying, “ It’s not really explicit, it follows a story of Adam looking for a woman, finding a woman to have sex with, getting an STD to everything else after.” Now that sounds interesting.

His excitement for his project can easily be felt through the phone, he has been working on this album for two years. And with friend, Kanye West signed on as Executive Producer, of course 88- Keys is ready to talk (for hours) about his album. The Death of Adam plays musically like a typical Saturday night. The tale follows Adam, who represents man and mankind, in his quest to woo the opposite sex.

"It's about the power of the female pussy," 88-Keys says. "This is not a spoiler alert. The pursuit leads to his demise. But it's how he dies. That's where people will want to purchase the album."

The album started, as an instrumental album but West who has known 88- Keys from when he worked with Mos Def and Busta Rhymes told 88 that all the pieces were there to make an album but it just need to be reformatted. "This is my baby," he says of the album. "I wasn't ready to let go and change my ideas around. . . . But the changes being made are all for the better. I see it now. Initially, I didn't see it."

"The Death of Adam" hits stores October 28, 2008.

Click here to hear snippets of "The Death of Adam.”

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