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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fly Fashion: Survival Of The Hippest's Twitter Necklaces

If Sex and the City still came on, would Carrie Bradshaw be apart of Twitter? She didn’t get an email address till season four and it took until season six for Carrie to get a cell phone. She was somehow always out of the loop but always ahead of it, so I believe she would have a Twitter and her handle would read: @shoegal.

Carrie would also wear a necklace that showed how Twitter has become integrated into her daily life. Dubbed the new “Carrie” necklace, NYC based company; Survival of the Hippest has created custom-designed Twitter Handle Status Symbols. Taking personal branding to a whole new level, these custom creations allow you to wear your twitter handle or favorite hash tag as a fashion statement. Create a necklace, pin, bracelet, key chain or anklet. Samantha’s twitter necklace would state: @ilovetocolor.

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carrie said...

I'm not clear what all the hype is about. These are simply nameplates with an @ or # added to the beginning. My source for name necklaces is and just as they offer the option to add a heart, star and numerous other symbols they can add the @ as well. Their prices, selection and service can't be beat and they are at the top of Google and have established themselves with a great reputation.