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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fly Music: Artist Spotlight- Bullet

I first spoke of Chicago's own Bullet back in June, check it here. After having the opportunity to speak with Bullet, dude has a lot of potential. He is an educated rapper, he doesn't cruse in his music and since he is a descended from Jupiter, he is ready to make his mark on Earth.

Who is Bullet?

Bullet is Mr. Robotic, a Cyber Martian Maniac that loves Crunch Berries and to make people smile. I love making music that is positive and I can play for my mother and she likes it. I am a college student at Columbia College Chicago, who is very determined and focused on getting goals accomplished.

When did you fall in love with hip-hop?

I fell in love with hip-hop probably after ‘Getting Jiggy with It’ by Will Smith. That album, Big Willie Style was the first CD my mother ever bought me. Then I really got into DMX a lot and from then I just listened to everything.

How did you start rapping?

I started rapping my sophomore year of high school. I was not taking it serious at all. I use to battle people at lunch tables, goofing off. My friend Add-2 was the best rapper at the school and I use to joke around then for some reason, I started taking it serious. I use to take him papers with verses on them to see if it was good. From then on I wouldn’t stop.


My influences are Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Justin Timberlake, The- Dream and Timbaland.

How has Chicago influenced your music? Chicago has a lot of up and coming artists coming into the scene, how do you distinguish yourself from other artists?

The only way Chicago influenced my music is just having me be able to rap fast or slow. I believe if you’re from Chicago you have to know how to twist (fast rap). So that helps cause you don’t want to have the same flow the whole song. I distinguish myself because a lot of artist here are actually- just rappers. Only few can make actual songs. That is something I take pride in. I have been put into the pop/hip-hop category but I love making popular music. It’s something I study and practice to make sure I keep getting even better.

You attend Columbia College in Chicago; discuss the value of an education? Does being in school help with your career choices?

The value of education I think is important. But I think there are exceptions. Some people are meant for school and I honestly believe that. For me personally, I learn in school but most of the stuff I know but it gives more of a foundation and a how-to. It’s also good for networking. I met so many people that are like my close friends now who are in the industry all due to Columbia College Chicago. It has helped me be even smarter when it comes to the business side of things.

Who would you like to work with more, Common, R. Kelly, Lupe Fiasco or Kanye West?

I would probably want to work with Kanye West because we have somewhat similar styles.

Is it hard to rap without profanity? Do you think rappers who use profanity lack a vocabulary?

It was at first and sometimes it gets hard because I feel profanity evokes a certain emotion that you want to get across. So when I'm doing a heartfelt record it’s kind of hard to not to cruse but I can get passed it. And yes, I think some people use it for lack of vocabulary, others use it to convey emotion.

Your single, ‘Mr. Robotic’ has a club party feel, what kind of music are you making? Club bangers or soulful hip-hop music?

I make pop music. I like to make music that people can feel. Kanye makes soulful hip hop music but he also has a popular audience. His soulful records now really don’t even have the soul samples in them. It’s just music that you can feel and that’s what I make and strive to perfect everyday.

Your song, ‘Earth Girls’- do you really believe Earth girls are easy? What planet are you from? And what’s your biggest hang-up with females?
Well, I’m from Jupiter. It’s really fun up here you should come visit! Free Crunch Berries! Loll! My biggest hang-up with females is the confused ones, the ones that don’t know what they want. They get scared of they’re own emotion thinking the guy they’re interested in is going to hurt them emotionally.

What do you believe makes a girl fly?

Confidence. In the words of Ne-Yo, “she wants but doesn’t need me.” She can be independent but still let me do what I do as a man. Be supportive and just be the dope woman that she is. I couldn’t ask for more.

Check out his single, 'Mr. Robotic.'


wickedsexy said...

nice interview!

Anonymous said...

i like the single. this song should be played at a house party with peopl drinking out of red cups. lol

Anonymous said...

i'm from jupiter too!!!

Jessica LaShawn said...

I actually like this song... now I wanna interview him lol!