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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ciara's 'Kiss My Swag'

All blogs are going crazy over this new Ciara, some are saying she just can’t get a break with her new style and sound for her album, Fantasy Ride., wrote a post yesterday about Ciara being objectified in her new Justin Timberlake featured video, ‘Love Sex Magic.’

Do I think the video is doing the most? I sure do. Ciara, if you’re a dancer, dance, no need to hump the air, the floor and the pole. That’s what strippers do. Do I have a problem with Justin Timberlake pulling her on a chain? I sure do. It’s your video, pull him on a chain and please stop letting Justin Timberlake grope all our Black female stars.

Overall, I think the song is lame, which makes it even worse for the video.

And this song, ‘Kiss My Swag’ is lame as well but I made a post for those fly girls who like Ciara. I just miss the ‘Crunk and B’ CiCi who kept her goodies in a jar.

Have a listen:

I think I like Keri Hilson's swag a lot better.

1 comment:

Reka on YOUR-radio-Now said...

Yea Ciara is over for me! Keri is IT 100%