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Monday, October 13, 2008

New Beauty Product: Shiny Mama hits stores!

Yana Chupenko, the original “Shiny Mama” came to United States as a child from Ukraine in the mid 70’s and settled in Queens, New York. She fell in love with the New York cultured and took images from the streets’ glitter of broken glass and the vibe of rock roll and started her band, Shiny Mama. Chupenko continued her loved of punk and rock and roll and rolled into the makeup world.

Shiny Mama Cosmetics is not for the faint of heart; it’s for the girls whose inner hearts screams rock and roll. Shiny Mama is a multipurpose line filled with glitter and shimmer. “Snow White” is a soft fine glitter that can be mixed with other eye shadows, gloss/lipsticks and on the body and the hair. Packaged like a diamond gem, its soft white color pairs well with the fall weather and can be easily mixed with a dark shadow for an alternative smoky eye look.

Shimmer All is for all over glam. This shimmery product doubles as a blush and when mixed it takes eye shadows from matte to shimmery. You can add Shimmery All to liquid liner to achieve a shimmer liner or mix it with clear/colored nail varnish for a pearl like effect. With a unique sponge applicator in the cap, Shimmer All makes it easy to add light sparkle to accentuate your body’s beloved parts, such as the d’colletage area.

Shiny Mama’s multipurpose Gleam All in “Precious Gem” is a two-sided pencil with a slivery tip called “Frost” and a gold side called “Sunray”. This pencil is ideal for lining your eyes for a cool effect.

Shiny Mama is a new brand that embraces the inner rock star. Starting at $15 dollars, this line is for the star in all of us. You can shop for Shiny Mama here.

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