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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Music! Just in time for the summer!

Let’s get old school! It seems as though some of my favorite artists are going for an old school feel with their latest tracks.

Robin Thicke- Magic

Like Robin Hood, Robin Thicke stole the sounds of the 70’s and made it his own. Magic has such a groove to it; you can’t help but do a two-step when it comes on. With an infectious beat and Robin’s mellow voice, Magic is sure to be a hit at cookouts and roller-skate rinks.

Magic - Robin Thicke

Keri Hilson- Energy

Please don’t call her a Rihanna/Beyonce hybrid; Keri Hilson is in a league of her own. She is embarking on a solo career after being a successful writer in the Atlanta based songwriting group, The Clutch. After penning hits for Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson is seeking her own hits. Check out her newest single, Energy from her album, “In a Perfect World” set to be released in September.

Energy - Keri Hilson

Sloange- Sandcastle Disco

Yes, she's Beyonce’s little sister but she has a style all of her own. Solange has always been a songwriter for Destiny’s Child but her latest efforts sound nothing like what she has written or sung before. Her sophomore album, "Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams,” brings funk and soul for the summer.

Sandcastle Disco (FuLL) - Solange

Ne-Yo- Trouble

What girl doesn’t wanna have a little bad side to make the brothers intrigued? Produced by JR. Rotem, this Michael Jackson inspired track has Ne-Yo crooning about a girl who is giving him hell. She’s trouble, and this track will definitely be trouble when it’s played in the club. Ne-Yo’s newest album, “Year of the Gentlemen” will be released in August.

Trouble (Prod. By J.R. Rotem) - Ne-Yo

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