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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


To increase awareness of Barack Obama, Howard University graduate, TV/Film writer, Brandon and his sister Spelman graduate and stylist for music artists, Lori came up with the idea to make politics cool and fashionable.

Brandon came up with the ingenious idea while watching Obama’s rally in Austin, TX, and then brainstormed with his sister who designed the Ba-Rack The Vote shirts. After making the shirts, they got one to Hill Harper of CSI NY, who loved the shirt and ordered 250 more to put in gift bags for his party after Oprah Winfrey’s “Barack Obama Fundraiser” in Montecito, CA.

Brandon and Lori believe in Obama, they believe that he’s a leader in a field of politicians and real leaders only come along once in a lifetime, so they invested their money and took a chance. The family duo wanted to create a shirt that people loved and would wear all the time, not just at rallies. The duo states that Obama supporters wear their shirts to clubs just as quickly as they wear them to class.

The shirts represent a movement that increases, Barack Obama’s awareness everyday, and in the end, it will translate onto votes. Get your shirt, wear it everywhere and vote!

Order your Barack wear here: !

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