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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's Get It On: Marvin Restaurant in DC

After reading mixed reviews about this new establishment, Marvin on 14th and U in Washington, DC, I decided to head out with my girlfriends and see what all the fuss was about. Mind you, I didn't go on the weekend so the atmosphere may vary but tonight I had a blast and will definitely return.

Paying homage to DC native Marvin Gaye, Marvin has a hip interior with posters of Marvin Gaye adoring the walls along with other soul singers. A two level bar/ restaurant/ lounge, Marvin's at first glance seems to be the newest trendy spot for hipsters alike. The first level is the dining room with a small bar, Marvin’s calls itself a restaurant with a bar not a bar with a restaurant.

Heading up stairs, there is the intimate lounge area and rooftop patio. Still scouting the place, I headed outside to the patio and although it was outdoors, heaters are placed everywhere so it's warm and perfect to sit outside, have one of Marvin's Belgian beers and enjoy the DC skyline.

Entering the lounge area, sits another bar and seating. The lounge area is perfect for couples that will enjoy the close private seating without the crowd of the dining room. The lounge is self-served, so when your ready to order head to the bartender and sample Marvin's Belgian inspired entrees.

The bartender schooled my homegirl and myself on the menu entrees, stating that Marvin Gaye left DC to escape his woes and traveled to Belgian for two years to relax and regain his focus on his music. The owner of Marvin's actually saw Marvin in Belgian and decided to build his menu with the Belgian inspirations.

On your plate: Sample the appetizers. Try the duck and shrimp and grits. Entrees range from $ 16 to $ 24. For dessert, check out the Belgian chocolate waffle topped with chocolate gelato paired with hot chocolate.

In your cup: Marvin’s has a full bar so order your favorite drink but you can’t leave without trying one of their beers, Stella Artois, Leffe Brune, Hoegaarden and the Canadian-made (but Belgian-style) Maudite are among the beers on tap. Thirty Belgian beers are available in bottles. For the wine lovers, Marvin’s has a boarder selection of wines than other spot, so try a glass! Beers start at $8.

Music Selection: They can’t name the place Marvin, if they didn’t play any of his music. The DJ booth is located up stairs and you can groove to R&B, soul and funk from the 60’s, 70’s.

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