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Monday, June 2, 2008

Got My Drink N' My Two Step: LEMON BASIL TEHITO

Chill out on a hot summer day, try the Lemon Basil Tehito, a fresh alternative to a mojito.

7 fresh basil leaves
3 lemon wedges
Splash simple syrup
1 ounce 100 percent agave silver tequila
Splash Cointreau
Club soda

In a tumbler, muddle together 6 of the basil leaves, 2 lemon wedges and a splash of simple syrup.Add ice, tequila and Cointreau, then stir. Top off with club soda.

Granish with the remaining basil leaf and lemon wedge.

Alternatively, this drink can be served as a martini. Follow the recipe, but make it in a cocktail shaker, pour the drink into a martini glass, then top off with club soda and garnish.

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