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Saturday, February 2, 2008

BitterSweets Valentine

For those who can't stand Valentine's Day, the company Despair Inc, has the perfect candy for you. Introducing Bittersweets- The Valentine’s Candy for the Rest of Us. Similar to the candy conversation hearts, Bittersweets are made of flavored, chalky-tasting sugar and sport a message on their face. But unlike other candy hearts, Bittersweets are stamped with bitter musings and mockeries perfectly suited to the dejected spirits of those who will spend the holiday alone, or wishing they were. Messages recalling an almost forgotten, unbearably painful memory of being dumped. Or perhaps of a dysfunctional, psychotic ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Or of that cruel-hearted girl (or boy) in elementary school who rejected your valentine solicitations, informing you that Jake (or Holly) was "so totally way hotter."

Bittersweets are available in three unique collections- "Dejected", "Dysfunctional", and "Dumped"- with each featuring up to 37 unique sayings each. If yourself or a friend is feeling bitchy about V-Day, buy a box of Bittersweets and at least you'll have a sweet laugh. $9.95

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